13 Oct 2011

Urban Outfitters Menswear Press Day

I was thrilled when I was contacted by the PR people at Urban Outfitters, inviting me to a press event to showcase their latest A/W collection. Originally it was just a London thing but when I said I lived hundreds of miles away they sorted it out so I could go along to my local Manchester store for the same treatment. I don't attend many press things because everything seems to happen in the capital, so this made a really welcomed change.
I was shown around the whole menswear department, located on the large open plan top floor and mezzanine. I've been in here tones of times but lately the whole layout and brand selection seems much more consider. Currently you are led in with the new Levi's Monochrome collection which features some of the brand's most popular fits in a more stripped back and clean finishes. All displayed on the painter's style benches, nice touch. Behind the denim led in what Urban Outfitter's in-house brand, Store Leave. Apparently their collection has been met with warm reception, all built around menswear basics.
The premium brands area was really strong, with UO favourites YMC, Garbstore and Libertine Libertine now sitting along side Canadian basics by Wings & Horns and this season's new comer Evisu. I was anxious to try the denim / check shirt by Garbstore but the fit really wasn't working for me.
Trainers have taken a backseat in the store (cos we're up north and it's always soggy out) as this seaon's emphasis is on all things sensible. Nothing out the ordinary here, the footwear is always stronger online as Manchester is seen more as a sports city, so they doesn't get a massive selection. The Store Leave brogues on the right here as light as a feather.
I was really impressed with the shear amount of accessories on the go, 5 panel caps with mixed with the usual winter woolies and backpack. This place always makes me want to get my Lomo out to, anyone else get that?
Cheap Monday was merched along side Dr. Denim, outerwear by Patagonia, Lee and Edwin. Definitely one of my favs, Edwin had some really nice heavy weight chinos and knits on offer. I was pretty taken by the navy and off-white baseball cardigan. This was also the first time I'd seen Carharrt's new "Work in Progress" branding. The chunky grey swing tag looked pretty cool against the brushed check and leather  pocket logo.
Patches on anything with an elbow
Suit, the brand that's really getting about at the mo seemed to be doing some nice things. It's best described as a mixture of Nigel Cabourn and Albam but on a tighter budget. The outerwear was by far the strongest, with tweeds, wax cottons and flannel checks all mix together to make some cracking "Camerman" style jackets. Jumbo cords were also doing the rounds here, along side heavyweight knits, oxford shirts in the classic colours and sweatshirts. They seems to be having the most fun with the styling down on the mezzanine too, which was nice to see. The dickie was quite charming really.
At the other end of the store they side together the more Heritage/Collegiate brands like Fred Perry, Farah Vintage, Penguin, Lyle & Scott and Franklin & Marshall. These brands usually pass me by but Fred Perry and Farah had some really interesting stuff going on, I noted a couple of washed-outs sweats, cotton/jersey oxford shirts, heavy wool trousers and low key branding on lambwool jumpers and scarfs.

Apart from the renewal section and music/book section that's your lot. I'd just like to thank the Urban Outfitters Manchester menswear team for showing around and making me feel so welcome. They did let me take a couple of bits a bobs with me, including a Store Leave wool blazers and a backpack but I'll whack that in a separate post.

*For anyone that noticed, the blog was down for a good 6 hours so I'm told. I have no idea why but thanks to everyone on Twitter for your help and concern.


  1. Ah nice pictures, looks like a great store! I love the way UO merchandises things incorporating home/lifestyle stuff with clothing. Need to steal that grey jumper.

  2. MMM so cutes!! xx


  3. YOU ARE BACK!! Thank god. I was proper freaking out!

    Nice post, I love UB but alas, too expensive for my liking.


  4. I always find Urban Outfitters such a visual pleasure, and it's nice to get a detailed glimpse of the menswear section 2bh as I usually bypass it! I'm also a non-londoner, so the fact that they went out of their way to make sure you didn't miss out is a biiig hit in my mind - glad you enjoyed it! x

  5. In my opinion, Urban Outfitters are the best retailers on the high street right now in terms of merchandising.

  6. All the heritage stuff is really fantastic.

  7. my love for UO knows no bounds


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