16 Oct 2011

Red Trouser Issues

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Voucher Codes to help them bring impartial reviews for their Lifestyle magazine, Most Wanted. I've seen a couple of these types of "tried & tested" posts before, namley on Wolf Whistle and Jazz Pad. The idea is to get a handful of bloggers to review  products from a few various retailers and basically see which are the best. So what did I get? Red trousers......when I first heard that I just thought "gees, am I 19 again" (nu-rave anyone) and it was sounding far less appealing.

But the whole idea was to give impartial views so I really had nothing to loose. My chosen retailer was Next, and the product was a pair of slim fit dusty red chinos. I ripped them out the bag one day after work and I was surprised to be actually warming to the idea, for the fact a) they they weren't bright red, b) they weren't tight & c) they were made from washed out soft cotton. So I gave them a go;
Up to now I've worn them 3 times. First time I just popped out for a coffee and it hit me why I liked them more than I expected, it's because the fella from Bargain Hunt, Tim Wannacott, wears some in a very similar colour! And he of course is one of my style icons. The chinos actually seem to fit into my wardrobe pretty easily, sticking them with a grey or blue oxford shirt and brogues or sneaks works pretty easily. In general the fit is quite relaxed, slim in the leg and tapering down to a 7"ish leg opening, which suits me fine. Plenty of room to move. To be honest the colour and fit reminds me more of Albam that a high street brand.

They retail at £38 which at first I thought was a bit pricey for the high street (just comparing quickly to Topman, River Island, Zara ect) but they do actually fit me really well and feel nice. They're advertised as "fits low on the waist" but they really don't, coming in a bit higher than the regular rise, which, always a good thing. 

You're also getting something pretty well made for the price, here's some closer details;
 Metal rivets and buttons, big improvement on the crummy plastic white ones you from most stores
Double pocket stitch detail on both sides, with the added bonus of a small "3rd" pocket on the left
Hopefully you can get a proper idea of the colour here, like a soft worn out red. Triple stitch detail around the waistband is a really cool touch too.

Voucher Codes asked me to use a rate them on the following qualities:

Comfort = 9/10
Style = 8/10
Price = 8.5/10
Quality = 8/10

Overall: 8.5

Pretty swish I must say.

Wearing - red chinos, c/o Voucher Codes via Next, Uniqlo grey oxford shirt, Gap jacket, Ask The Missus suede brogues, Paul Smith socks.

I hope this helps if you are in the market for some red trousers. What do you think anyway, is it working for me? Remember impartial opinions are good.

I you were interested you can probably pick up a some discount from Voucher Codes, you know how it works. Also remember to check out Most Wanted for more blogger's reviews


  1. I bought some red chinos from Zara not too 2 weeks ago (once again also not bright red) and very much enjoy them.
    Coloured pants are awesome!

  2. Anonymous22:43

    I think they look great and guys should wear more colors like this from time to time! ;)

  3. I like them! I don't know about bright red, but the faded color is nice and drab. Perfect for fall. And as always, I love the socks and shoes you chose to go with them.

  4. Those candy colored socks are lovely!

    I actually just had a pair of pink chinos made.

  5. Um I love them! Wish my Husband would buck up and wear something like that. Although the socks really make it.

  6. More blokes need to embrace red trousers...

  7. Haha, I know what you mean about nu-rave but I have to say they look pretty awesome! Love the socks with it as well!

  8. Looking good. Red trousers can be surprisingly wearable. And the shade of red that you have them in is quite distinctive!

  9. I need a man that wears the Ben Sherman burgundy chinos.

  10. I like them. The washed out-ness of the red is what makes them I think. They look good with the stripy socks (everything looks good with a stripy sock)

  11. Anonymous18:13

    They are indeed swish!

    I've seen some jeans in that colour that I fancy getting myself! It's such a warm, autumn colour - very nice. Looks great paried with navy also.

    38 quid does sound pricey but I always justify it by saying - right, if I wear these 38 times then they're basically worth it! Not sure if that logic really makes much sense but you know what I mean!

    Nice jazzy socks as per usual too. You have quite the collection!

  12. If I could, I would buy these. Love the colour. I'm finding dark reds surprisingly easy and versatile at the moment. These look great.

  13. Anonymous13:20

    I think they really suit you and the stripy socks definitely add the perfect finishing touch :)
    L x

  14. those are pretty BA!

  15. gotta love red trousers! and your shoes x

  16. very cool pants! it fits you to perfection!

    kisses my friend

  17. These look super cute and sort of like a Nantucket Red colour. Really nice. They look like something more out of J.Crew or Brookes Brothers than Next. xx

  18. I love faded colours on cloth! Hahah yes i´m always buying close that looks it has been worn for years :P

    Those pants are great. Quite lucky you are that they turn out better than you expect it ;)


  19. Beautifully written Mat. Very good review. They sure look good on you. Xxxx

  20. Got directed to your blog via Fashion Looks North, lovely stuff as I have a little menswear obsession.

    Fantastic colour on the trews and good colour work with the socks; how do you think the faded red will hold up in summer? It's such a rich autumnal shade that it might look discordant in hotter weather. However, I think they make a great base to brown/warm tones as an alternative to blue denim with cool/blue tones.


  21. Agreed, these are lovely. I bet they're really soft and comfy - I've got a pair of chinos which are so scratchy they're unbearable. And waeeeey, name spot! :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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