3 Sep 2010

Llandudno - Seaside Holiday

As I mentioned in my previous post, me and Hollie set off on a mini road trip to the sleepy seaside town of Llandudno, in north Wales. We went for a few days and packed our days with fish & chips on the busy promenade, tram rides up the Great Orme, a visit to the old copper mines, coffee shops/pubs and 5 course meals at the hotel. Here's some snaps from the time spent there:

A rammed beachside, old Victorian seaside town at its best.
Nice Art Deco building top.
Staircase to nowhere, on the pier.
King of the hills.
Buckets & Spades, following me about.
The halfway stop of the tram which literally pulls you up the hill
A quick trip down the copper mines, this was pretty immense.
Footwear choices of the night spent at the hotel bar.

The next few photos were taken by Hollie on her Digital Harinezumi camera, if you haven't heard of them, google it!

The alternative way up the Great Orme was by retro cable cars.
We stayed at The Empire Hotel, which was literally 1 minute from the beach.
Cone of chips, a mandatory seaside event.
Images - © Hollie Reid, 2010

On the way home we popped to Liverpool for a few hours, to visit The Beatles Story at Liverpool Docks. It was much better than I thought it was going to be actually, well worth a visit if you're a fan or just like the 60s. I picked up a snaz fab 4 t-shirt and a Ringo badge too.

Well that's my holidays for this year but it is safe to say Llandudno was brilliant and I recommend it highly if you want a relaxing time by the sea.

If you want to see some more photos of the holiday click here


  1. there is something very peaceful and romantic about this place. looks like you had a great time. weather looks perfect too x


  2. Great photos, Mat and the hard hat really suits you :)
    English seaside resorts always breathe a certain melancholic charme, I find

  3. I simply adore that art deco building! And both of your shoes are stunning! Looks like it was a great trip :)

  4. This looks so amazing. There are few pleasures greater than F'n'C on the promenade! Hollie's photos have come out great...going to google that camera now

  5. beautiful photos, looks like you had a wonderful time!

  6. what a perfect trip. and so are those shoes (both).

  7. Hollie's shoes are pretty wicked! (as well as yours of course!)

    This looks like such a relaxed, quiet town. Although the stairs that go nowhere makes me quite sad!


  8. wow what great pictures, I love the staircase to nowhere ...so cool. OMG Hollie has thee best shoes ever, they are amazing. Oh so glad you had a great time, it's always good to have a break from all the rubbish. Love the snaps and watch out I think I saw a bucket behind you with a spade in his hand :P Lame sorry .....:P

  9. such beautiful photos mat. love the stairs going to nowhere. the town seems so great and sunny. it's not hard to fall in love with it.


  10. Ohhhh I loved the Footwear in the Hotel bar picture! It reminded me of Champagne guzzling aristocrats in a Evelyn Waugh novel only with probably a little less cocaine.

    I hope you enjoyed yourselves!


  11. It was really nice to see how it really looks like to sightsee Wales where I've never been too in your perspective. I hope I'll go there someday!


  12. oh, what a lovely time you had! i adore the staircase to nowhere, i'm drawn things like this. decaying, old and forgotten pieces, it reminds me of an old art project i did titled 'urban decay'. plus hollie's shoes are your brogues are pretty darn nice.


  13. that sounds/looks like the perfect holiday!

  14. The promenade looks packed!

    Looks like this was one perfect getaway with the blue sky and sunshine!

  15. I love Hollie's shoes! They are superb, where did she get them? :)

  16. How lovely! I have a friend who lives there.. she really does have a weird accent haha Love your shoes

    Adèle - http://moltocuriosa.com

  17. Oh my, what a delightfully charming place. And I am loving Hollie's lip wedges.

  18. OOoh lavly snaps. Never been to this part of Wales (and people say it's constantly rainy, puh) will deffo have to put it on the 'to visit' list! jazzy ♥ Please tell Hollie I heart her shoes.

  19. somehow i think the red safety hat is really really matchy with ur style! really!

    CLIFF from http://cropcripcrop.blogspot.com/

  20. Anonymous22:00

    lovely photos you have here! i'll have to visit llandudno some day, i had heard previously that it was a lovely place! hollie's shoes are awesome! as are yours (not forgetting the socks also!) :)


  21. Nice photos, looks like a lovely place!

  22. Looks like you had a great time!

    The firetruck is simply adorable



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