16 Apr 2010

Buying Into: Denim

Interview with Cheap Monday's Örjan Andersson and Ann-Sofie Back

I picked up the latest issue on BON magazine a few weeks back now and when I have had spare time I just haven't put it down. There is so much packed in this issue I'm surprised it doesn't burst. Anyway the reason for this post is the interview with the brains behind Cheap Monday, Örjan Andersson and newly appointed Creative Director Ann-Sofie Back.

What struck me most about Andersson over anything else, was his love for denim. He is totally obsessed, has a massive archive of rare pieces dating back from 30s and his confidence in what he believes in shines through. This got me thinking about how much money I have wasted on clothes over the past few years and what little I have to show for it. So I have NOW decided I'm kicking the habit of a life time and cutting my "throw away" fashion down down to a minimum and buying into items that will (hopefully) stand the test of time. This may mean I might only buy one item per month but I feel it will benefit my wardrobe in the long run.*

So here is my first built to last purchase;

Lee "Macky" Slim fit jeans

What better place to start than denim. Seeing that I have put on a bit of weight over the past couple of months I needed I new pair of black jeans so I went for these Lee slim fit jeans from Ark. These are bound to last for years and improve with age! Also I bonus that they fit me perfectly.

I was torn between Levi's and Lee but I opted for Lee as I'd never had a pair before (Ark stock both brands mentioned, as well as other brands with a lot of heritage like Fred Perry, Farah, Penguin and Merc London). They are also currently offering 10% off any order with code SPRING10.

 First outfit with the jeans. Jacket Levi's, Shirt Topman, Jeans Lee, Boots All Saints

More from BON. Pretty much WANT that jumper on the left.
Even the index page is brilliant, I'm a sucker for a nice layout.

On another note, thanks for all the lovely feedback on my previous post "Messing With Mona". I had some great suggestions on which/who to do next so hopefully when I get a bit of time I will start the next one. When it's ready I show you all! Your comments are much appreciated.

Have a great weekend everyone.

*Obviously I'm still going to buy certain thing which are cheap, after all I am student. I will just be more selective.

PS. Have you seen the competition Tweet is running at the moment?! It's a bit of a woppa, talk about exclusive, get entering here to win Laura Mackness goodies.


  1. Lovely jeans, there'll be in your wardrobe for aaaages!

    Thanks for the competition love my dear :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. I think Lee's jeans were a good choice :----) Looking great!

  3. What,s this pink leopardo i see..HA! Only mesing Matty! HA!

    I am trying but successfully failing at cutting back. I have never been one to buy on trend pieces but I am one to buy a piece that just doesn't fit into the rest of my clothes. My trick.... Is to step back and think before I buy! Its works occasionally

    Yours truly


  4. Hi there,

    Just came across your blog and really enjoyed it!

    Please have a look at mine too.

    Hope to see you soon.


  5. Anonymous12:07

    I agree, I really need to stop buying loads of cheap fashion and just invest in some good quality clothes. Jeans are a really good starting point!


  6. looks like a great magazine, i hadn't heard of it.

  7. I buy cheap clothes too. I don't understand how students (most of which don't have jobs) can afford designer things! I need their parents to adopt me lol.

  8. Haha, thanks, looking tall is obviously a life aim for me. Mona looks goood.

    Also, this magazine looks good, I hadn't heard of it before. x

  9. I have tried to do that but just couldn't resist all the great bargains of the highstreet. Hope you have more persiverance than me, good luck. X

  10. I want that jumper on the left too!

  11. yes, buying quality over quantity helps SO MUCH. you shop less, but you get your money's worth.

  12. That's a great outlook you have, and one I've been trying to adopt as well. Being a student and earning peanuts makes it so much harder to buy quality pieces as the price tags are usually out of my range. But at the end of the day, the feeling of finally obtaining an investment piece is truly grand. All the best with this!

  13. ahhh lees are pretty good :)i've had a couple of pairs and they lasted rather well until i outgrew em...

    love that jumper and the knit vest!

    wah....my word verification is "matheard"...freaky cos your name's mat....

  14. I am in exactly the same mode. I don't really have a lot of money to be spending on clothes, so I am buying things that I shall hopefully want to wear in 5 years time.
    Clare x

  15. spending to save ey?...it's definitely worth investing in quality pieces!

    i've enjoyed reading your blog!

  16. I love this post pics and ur blog too! very inspiring!
    have a lovely week ahead! xoxo

  17. Ah, love this post! Grrrreat jeans!! You'll have them for ages!

    All the best,


  18. Can't go wrong with denim. And a good pair of jeans will in fact last forever. If you can't wear it with jeans, then with what?!!
    Very snappy!
    snappy x

  19. In reply to your comment i have to choose a theme first, mines "Discarded" and then i could whatever i feel so i chose to do a stop motion! Havent done it before or done any animation ever, so this will be quite fun and challenging!

    And that Disney Quest watch, wowo, thats so great that you found it in your mums drawer, i cant seem to find watches that i love, and im kind of in love with that one!

  20. oooh awesome jeans, great photo too!

    I really want this magazine now! Is it possible to buy in Spain?


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