Buckets & Spades is a Fashion, Design and Lifestyle blog run by me, Mat, and with help from Nik, Yasumi + Hollie.

Buckets & Spades is about sharing design, creative ideas, menswear, style and all things we love in life. We started the blog in 2008 as a means to store inspiring images and inspiration we've found, from then on it grew, and is now more of a visual diary. I graduated from UCLan in 2011 and have continued my search for creative things ever since. We're based in Lancashire, London and beyond.

Menswear | Design | Advertising | Creative Marketing | Branding | Independent | Made In... | Photography | Graphic Design | Innovations | Lifestyle | Social Media | Art | Americana | British

For our own images we use a Canon 6D, Lumix GX7 + iPhone 6.


- Buckets & Spades was selected by Susie Lau of Style Bubble to feature in Style Feed: The World's Top Fashion Blogs, available on Amazon + bookshops around the world.

We're always searching for new and exciting content and opportunities, if you think you have something of interest please contact Mat at bucketsandspadesblog@googlemail.com



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