24 Dec 2018

Whitworth Locke Hotel, Manchester

whitworth locke hotel manchester review with mat buckets wearing skagen
whitworth locke hotel in manchester interior details
I'm honestly not too sure why I'm writing this on Christmas Eve but it's been in my head since the other day, and the only way to get rid of that before the big guy arrives is to jot some short thoughts down.

The new Whitworth Locke Hotel recently swung open its doors in Manchester. The city feels like it's having a proper extended moment - I can't really think of another place in the UK right now that's covering so many areas to such a high + creative standard. The Whitworth Locke - located just on the edge of Chinatown + Oxford Road - is the latest gaff to grab some sleep in. You'd be excused if you spend equal amounts of time in their bar (thankfully a decent amount of non-generic beer + cocktails), lobby, cafe resturant and co-working space as you do in the rooms. 

We have come to expect quite a bit from a hotel visit these days; we want a unique experience, that comes with a memorable interior, personalised service and a high level of finer detail, all for a price we deem as decent. Whitworth Locke breezes through all of the above, including the price. I'll come to the rooms in another blog post, so if these interior snapshots are ringing your buzzer then be sure to check back soon.

Whitworth Locke, 74 Princess St, Manchester M1 6JD.

Photos by Jake Millers.

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