13 May 2018

Embracing Downtime

mat buckets wearing paul smith linen shirt, moscot blonde sunglasses, instrmnt watch and whistles chinos in manchester
Paul Smith Linen Shirt (gifted) | Paul Smith Long Sleeve Tee | Whistles Trousers | Instrumnt Watch | Moscot Sunglasses

The title of this blog post may suggest that I've fully learnt how to embrace downtime, but I'm not quite there yet. In fact, this short entry will serve as the perfect reminder for me to not forget how important it is to down tools and recharge. 

The weekend can be a funny thing for anyone who is self-employed: sometimes I'll find myself away from home working on a projects in a different country, or in a early morning meeting, other Sundays I'll be roping Hollie in to point + shoot my camera while I rearrange a corner of our living room all ready for some up-coming Instagram content. I love my job, but the work/play balance is key.

Sometimes I just want to dedicate time things away from work. There's that fence panel that needs fixing, those prints that need framing, and those weeds don't get rid of themselves...maybe I should stop by to see my Mum more often...I think it's imperative to a healthy life that I don't take the slower moments for granted. 

Photography by Anthony Lee.


  1. Matt Maidment18:06

    Great post! Love that linen shirt.

    Matt // www.theguyontrend.co.uk

  2. Thanks Matt, I appreciate you stopping by.


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