15 Apr 2018

A Look Around Our House | My Workspace

anglepoise paul smith type 75 lamp and dan marc writing desk
anglepoise paul smith type 75 lamp
anglepoise paul smith type 75 lamp and dan marc writing desk
anglepoise paul smith type 75 lamp, dan marc writing desk, hay ikea chair
gf smith design book and mat buckets workspace
stone cold steve austin action figure
hey ikea shelving collaboration
simple design magazine rack

It feels like ages since I last did any kind of home / office update, so yesterday morning I took full advantage of the early morning sunshine, and quickly pointed my camera in the direction of some of my favourite details.

My office is where I spend most of my time when I'm working from home, and it's my personal preference to have this space as uplifting and motivating as possible. We turned our tiny box room into my workspace, but it acts more as a place to store some of our favourite possessions and memories that we have picked up on our travels :)

Two of my favourite pieces in here are also two of my most loved possessions: the Dan Marc Writing Desk (worth checking his Instagram account for updates) + the Anglepoise x Paul Smith Type 75 lamp. My personal relationship with British designer Dan Marc (we've been friends for around three years, but within the first few months we spent 10 days travelling around Japan) has cemented my love for this locally designed + produced work of art. The Type 75 Desk Lamp was a very thoughtful gifted from Hollie + my in-laws, for my 30th birthday - it one combines my love for playful colour + progressive design.

Point your eyes towards our shelves and you'll find some of my favourite beer label designs, mementos from holidays + work trips, characters that remind us both of our childhood (I value the journey from childhood to adulthood extremely important) + other bits and bobs that we think look nice together.

Then there's the other corner of the room that doesn't get any camera time, and that's because it's an absolute mess! Let's just call it a work in progress. I hope you've enjoyed this little look around my current workspace set-up.

Also in my office space:

Postcards by my friends Haarkon + It's Nice That
Chair + Shelving by HAY
Skateboard by Penny Skateboards
Toolbox by Vitra via Utility
Magazine Rack by Rockett St George
Stone Cold Steve Austin! 


  1. This space is looking awesome Mat! Especially love all those travel mementos.

  2. What a fun space, so many bright pops of colour! I absolutely love your sort of "flat" wall mounted shelves - they're so sleek and what a cool way to show off your beautiful magazines!

  3. Love your working space - that lamp is stunning!

  4. Thanks for coming over to have a look Kat, always lovely to hear from you.

  5. So bright so clean! I guess it makes me feel relaxed and awake, a strong combo.

    That piece is by IKEA from the HAY collab last year, it's a fun way to show off my bits and bobs for sure.

  6. Makes me feel ready to work! I know nothing but colour. Thanks Jane.

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