11 Oct 2017

Our Las Vegas Wedding Day!

 Pyjamas by Karen Mabon

Newspaper + stationery all designed by us, printed by The Newspaper Club + Moo

Photography by Branch & Cole

The day of our wedding was everything I hoped for. Even a freak stomach bug, which stopped me from eating and drinking for a few days, couldn't stop it from being the happiest day of my life. Recent events in Las Vegas had made me hesitate on sharing this post, but that's not what the city or its people would want. Vegas is a pretty special place indeed, like no other. 

Our week in this crazy city (which included our pre-wedding shoot at the Neon Museum) was made even more special by being joined by 30 of our closest family and friends (and new friends, I'm looking at you Caleb + Levi!), which made it a truly an unforgettable experience. Just thinking back on our time there with everyone makes me want to relive it over and over again.

I'll keep this post short and sweet, but I must give our thanks to a few people:

Paul Smith for making my suit fit perfectly, Drakes for providing me with the awesome emerald green tie, The Newspaper Club for helping us create the newspaper for our guests, The Wynn hotel, SW restaurant + The Little Chapel of the West for being amazing hosts, Travis Allen aka the best and most classy Elvis tribute act you're ever likely to see. Special thank yous are also reserved for Caleb + Levi of Branch & Cole, whose names will live on as the legendary gents who documented every step of the way - I just hope that we made it a great experience for you too (that buffet, right?!)!

Take a look below at how our wedding day unfolded!

Suit by Paul Smith | Tie c/o Drakes | Shirt by Brooks Brothers | Shoes by Mark McNairy x Sanders | Sunglasses by Moscot | Pocket Square by Reiss
 Dress by Victoria Beckham | Shoes + Bangle by Kate Spade
 Watch by Paul Smith

 Our private dining room at SW restaurant at The Wynn, with a little surprise at the end!

Instax memories, 2am beers and glazed donuts
Thank you for visiting, we both hope you enjoyed them! We couldn't be happier.
Mat + Hollie


  1. Bob D'Mandem12:27

    Glad to hear you bpth had a great day! Bob

  2. These photos are so beautiful! It looks like it was such an amazing day! Congrats! :)


  3. Joan Mcclean20:14

    Absolutely amazing photos I have tears in my eyes with happiness for you both looked a fab day xxxxx

  4. Looks like such an awesome day. Congrats again!

  5. Loving the photos so much, you both look so happy!

  6. Beautiful photos - I love your suit!

    The Leach Life | theleachlife.com

  7. Thank you! I was super happy with the suit too.

  8. Thank you Kat, we certainly are!

  9. Thank you Jane! We are happy.

  10. It was an amazing day, and so special for our f+fs to be there too.

  11. Fabulous pics. I know what you mean regarding recent events. Its freaked me out a little to think that could have been your day or mine. But I'll still never regret getting married there. Glazed doughnuts and beer at 2am though, what a genius move. Mine was more collapsing on a penny slot machine at 5am haha! All the best. https://thegintagetraveller.blogspot.co.uk/

  12. Thank you so much Joan, it was very special!

  13. Never regretting but it would be hard not to think about being in that position, or moreso the people who would have no doubt preparing to get married that same day. Very sad, but the city will rebuild. haha well, it just never sleeps that place! Where did you stay?

  14. I stayed at the Monte Carlo. It just so happened my now hubby knew he had to be there through work as there was as a big camera conference on at the time. So our hotel/flights were paid for. We went on our own and didn't have any family there and they knew what was going to happen. We had limo take us to The Little White Wedding Chapel and the rest as they say 'is history'. For us it's what we wanted to no muss no fuss and then just hired a mustang and toured around Cali. Wouldn't change it for the world but everybody is different of course. Hope married life is treating you well?


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