24 Aug 2017

Whipping Post | Revisiting A One-To-Watch

The Whipping Post brand came up in a random conversation the other day and after looking them up (and liking what I saw) I messaged Mat to say we should run a short post on them. Of course, not only had Mat heard of the brand before - but, he'd beaten me to it, covering them back in 2013.

Well, I guess that was a long time ago now, so a revisit is justified.

Whipping Post are a US brand, specialising in leather goods. They mainly produce these great looking totes; but, they also have some other eye-catching bits, such as a leather card case and a wax cotton jacket, which is probably more for Arran Cross than it is for me.

Anyway, it's great to see a brand we covered all those years ago, still going strong.

For more details visit the Whipping Post's website - and make sure to check out their journal and Instagram too.

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  1. daisychaindream14:37

    Thanks for re-visiting...a whole new chance to wish list!

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  3. Didier Young06:11

    That is one cool tote bag Mr! I might have to into into getting one myself!


  4. That tote bag is absolutely beautiful! I love the design!


  5. Love the passport holder so much!

    The Leach Life | theleachlife.com

  6. OH MY GOD! The last one is so great! I want it now! I am searching for a small bag like this!


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