2 May 2017

Printed Pages Magazine Issue 13 by It's Nice That


Print is definitely not dead in our household. Over the past few months I've become increasingly obsessed with free magazines, in particularly the ones which brands + stores are producing in-house. I'm constantly impressed with peoples' passion towards creating these mostly-free publications - which can usually be found sitting quietly on till counters or slipped into your bag when you purchases something. 

But, free publications aside, there are a small handful of magazines that I look forward to parting money with, when that release date rolls around. At the top of my wishlist you're likely to find Printed Pages by design + visual communications aficionados It's Nice That.

The beauty of Printed Pages, other than the super cool content + inspiring designs, is their pre-order incentive. If you're lucky enough to get ahead of the game you'll receive your mag a couple of weeks early, along with a whole bunch of free stuff. Issue 13's pre-order includes a Litho poster by illustrator Tim Lahan, a screen print by illustrator James Jarvis, five postcards featuring the issue's best imagery and a set of stickers by illustrator Kate Prior's International Women’s Day commission - as well as you're shiny new magazine.

Not too shabby for £10. Issue 13 of Printed Pages is available here


  1. I was looking at this in Magma over the weekend - almost bought it but ended up with Umbrella instead. Think this will be next on the reading list though.

    Matt | It's Matt Thompson

  2. Both solid choices, I am a big fan of Umbrella too. Defo get it.

  3. Never read that mag but I think I will like it!

    Katrina Sophia

  4. I feel that Printed Pages definitely influences your style choices Mat. In this issue alone I can see all these bold colours making their way into your wardrobe this summer.

    Jordan Bunker | www.jordanbunker.uk

  5. robert09:49

    And they ask "where is the art of today"? Well let them take a peek at this magazine!


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