16 May 2017

Embracing Your Community

 Wearing - Spring Summer Collection c/o Ted Baker | Glasses by Bailey Nelson

Photography by Garcon Jon + Jordan Bunker

We have discussed the importance of creating your own community in previous posts, and for anyone who works in a freelance role I can't stress this point enough. The traditional 9-5 working day carries on evolving, as Generation Y + Z continue to create their own paths working in professions that even the more savvy of us couldn't have predicted. Things move fast. So fast. But yet, the Slow Living movement is something many of us are leaning towards. I guess it's ironic that "slow living" has been giving a lot of exposure on a platform that you can scroll through quicker than the British Summer.

"What's my point? Get on with it!"...Last week, myself + a bunch of guys a mixture of bloggers + Instagramers were invited down to Ted Baker's Covent Garden store, to each style a look from the brand's SS17 collection. When I arrived in store I was pleased to see that Ted Baker had corralled a top group of people to take part several of them I already class as being a part of my small community.

Each of us, including Oliver Hooson, John Jarrett, Fredrik Risvik, Ashley Morrison, gave our own individual spin on the latest collection. With Garcon Jon on the camera we were in safe hands. Navy, khaki and grey, with a little bit of pattern, was my go-to giving a subtle nod to my love of Americana and workwear.

For me, the experience of working with a group of people who you respect, enjoy showing support for and feel at ease discussing everyday issues over a beer, is just as important as any given project. I try to embrace + grow my own individual community as much as I can - because without it, my everyday life as a self-employed freelancer would be a very lonely place.

This post is in partnership with Ted Baker. Thank you for taking the time to support the brands + businesses that make this blog happen.


  1. Ted Baker certainly got together a good group of chaps that's for sure. I really like how the images turned out, although my favourite shot has to be Jon's outside the pub. The colours!

    Jordan Bunker | www.jordanbunker.uk

  2. Shaun Donnelly14:28

    "I guess it's ironic that "slow living" has been giving a lot of exposure on a platform that you can scroll through quicker than the British Summer." – Had a chuckle at that.

    Post looks great Mat!

    Shaun Donnelly

  3. Helen Powell08:15

    So true Mat. Great set of images.

  4. robert09:43

    Cool post..cool shirt..parrots pattern that matches with your hat (so nerdly cool)! Too many times the world "cool"? I know sorry

  5. I love that print! But more so, love the intimate community of bloggers that has emerged.

  6. Bob D'Mandem15:20

    Really like that shirt you chose - nice work.

  7. I need to get in with your community! I couldn't have nodded along whilst reading this post more. Admiring and respecting your pals work is what the 'creative' biz is all about!

  8. I definitely agree! Great post with amazing photos!


  9. Thanks Valerie. It's important to me to support others and help grow. Cheers!

  10. Come on in buddy, it's not a select circle. All welcome around these parts for sure. Yes Tom, it's so important. Compadres not competition.

  11. Mandem comes in with the shirt props. Cheers Bob.

  12. England is quite a small place, so it makes sense that we're seeing the community thrive. I'd hate for it to become an "exclusive club" though, that's the last thing I'd want.

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Helen.

  14. I only realise it sounded so daft when I started writing, but it's so true! I'm not knocking it, just something that jumped out at me. Thank Shaun.

  15. They corralled a good set of fellas. I think that's my fav shot too - love the trad sign writing.


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