28 Mar 2017

Yasumi Says | PUEBCO INC Homeware Goods

PUEBCO seems to be fast becoming one of those familiar brands that so many lifestyle stores proudly display on their shelves. And it is definitely worth keeping on your radar simply because they have a heap of interesting stuff that not only look good, but also provide practical or solutions to our homeware demands.

Established in Tokyo in 2007 by Hirotoaka Tanaka, PUEBCO boldly states that they; “Create what we want to create. Find what we want”, and that "To only pursue sales performance is to loose track of our vision'".

The outcome is wide range of functional homeware and lifestyle solutions with utilitarian appeal backed with a genuine desire to offer consumers well made items with integrity.  PUEBCO incorporate updated, repurposed and recycled materials into their product line-up. They take inspiration from factory brands, workshop communities across the globe and their globetrotting bazaar finds.  For example, their vintage mirrors are made using salvaged window frames from India - apparently in parts of India, before a house is demolished, the window and door frames are saved for use elsewhere. Their Standard Mug is made in a remote Chinese factory out of locally sourced clay and without an ‘unnecessary glaze.

Each item that they stamp their name on fortifies PUEBCO's philosophy that well designed, well-used products are always beautiful. Finally, PUEBCO score points with me for their typographic style and packaging too - love those cotton swabs.

A selection of PUEBCO products are available at Goodhood.

You can find Yasumi at - Worship Blues | Twitter | Insatgram


  1. These designs are so nice! Think I might have to do a little shopping...

    The Leach Life | theleachlife.com


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