8 Mar 2017

Talking Daily Uniforms

 Overshirt by Whistles | Vest by Lavenham | Sweatshirt by Reigning Champ | Jeans by Albam | Sneakers by Nike | Hat by Percival | Watch by Timex | Oakley Sunglasses c/o Shade Station

I recently found myself weaving through the unfamiliar backstreets of Mayfair early one Saturday morning. London on a Saturday is a totally different game to the "working week" sure, Oxford Street is chaotic and at the British Museum it feel like everyone is trying to get topped up on art before it goes out of fashion. But Mayfair though, that's a totally different kettle of fish.

There's a little spot a few minutes away from Bond Street that myself and Husam Al-Deen have taken quite the fancy to. If you take a walk to the Gagosian Gallery early on a Saturday morning, the chances are you won't bump into any shopping bag-wielding tourists, rather, just curious gallery folk, and chippy security guards who enjoy nothing more than to shoot the breeze about their love of these distinct backstreets.

This clean, architectural backdrop felt like the perfect location to compliment these tortoiseshell sunglasses by Oakley; a shape that seems to work really well on my slim, oval-shaped face.

Photography by Husam Al-Deen

As for the rest of the outfit, I went straight for my current uniform of navy + grey; mixing the slightly different shades of blue of my Fairends cap, Lavenham vest + selvedge denim jeans by Albam, with a classic grey sweatshirt, Timex watch and the ol' faithful Nike Killshots. The best kind of outfits, for me, are the ones that don't always require you to check (and recheck) in the mirror you just know they make you feel good.

I think we all get to a point when we have a daily uniform; whether that be wearing all black, going heavy on the denim, swaying towards a Scandinavian minimal style, or constantly being drawn towards bright colours. For me that uniform is navy. It's the colour feel most comfortable in, but also slightly anonymous, in a way it doesn't draw too much attention to itself, yet feels like it has enough character to stand on its own. Greys, browns and tans work perfectly with it, and that's where these Oakley frames fit in just nicely.

I'd love to hear about your current uniform. What are you current go-tos at the moment?

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  1. You've always got the best outfit backdrops! Agree about navy - it finds its way into my wardrobe a lot.

  2. Joseph Galvin21:05

    Loving the shots Matt! I've walked past that museum without ever getting round to shooting round there, may have to now!

  3. Eyechild21:08

    Raw denim jeans (Levis LVC 505s)
    Uniqlo blue Oxford shirts
    Brown leather Clarks desert boots
    Vintage 1960s M65


  4. Great combination with the grey and navy!

  5. Thanks Corina, guess it feels safe to me but I think it works.

  6. It's just easy isn't it. I've never been one for black, so navy seems like the one for me.

  7. Cheers Joe. Would still love to hook up soon, I see you caught up with Jordan. Get down to the Gagosian!

  8. Looking sharp! I've had black pants and boots as a staple for this winter here.

  9. I can definitely vouch for you when you say this is your daily uniform. Grey and navy all the way! Husam has capture some really interesting angles, good job.

    Jordan Bunker | Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Blog


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