20 Feb 2017

Love for the National Theatre | Oliver Sweeney SS17

 Marmelos Sneakers by Oliver Sweeney | Chinos by Whistles | Cap by Percival

Boxstead Mac by Oliver Sweeney | Sweatshirt by Sunspel

Let's call this one teamwork. The beauty of Instagram is being able to discover + easily connect with people you may have never come into contact with. I started chatting with Photographer Husam Al-Deen just at the start of last December, and it wasn't long before we were sitting in a central London coffee shop, brainstorming ways in which we could collaborate together.

We got chatting about our love of sneakers, architecture, printed magazines + menswear so it was decided, we'd making something happen in the new year.

 Red Sneakers (coming soon) by Oliver Sweeney | Socks by Form&Thread

 Vilarcia Knit + Osimo Sneakers by Oliver Sweeney

 Trenear Jacket, Chore Jacket, Blue Sneakers (coming soon) by Oliver Sweeney
 Watch c/o TID Watches
Photography by Husam Al-Deen

We'd been wanting to create something visual around the National Theatre at South Bank for yonks, the man Husam was pretty well versed in the location, as he confessed it to being one of his favourite places to work. It's true, the imposing and incredibly impressive grounds of the National Theatre designed by architect Denys Lasdun in the early 1970s has endless possibilities.

The greys, navys, blacks and blues, along with contrasting reds of the new SS17 collection by Oliver Sweeney seemed like the perfect fit to compliment the Brutalist forms of the National Theatre.

I'd love to hear about some of your favourite architecture in your home country? How do you feel about our choice of the National Theatre?


  1. I love the National Theatre. It is probably Lasdun's most celebrated work alongside the University of East Anglia, which I MUST visit one day.

    For me though, For me though, I find Lasdun's tower blocks the most interesting part of his architectural legacy. His cluster blocks really stand out in my mind as innovative and thoughtful on a human scale. I feel so lucky to live amongst such interesting architecture in my area. Most people would dismiss the tower blocks as scary social housing enclaves - but to me, they should be respected as people's homes celebrated as part of the post war generation that not only housed Londoners but marked the city as an architectural force.

  2. Matthias Mueller12:49

    Great post and great photography! Love the symmetry in your shots and the new collection doesn't look too shabby either!

    I've just come back from a break in Berlin, one of my favourite cities. I love the architecture there, particularly the contrast between new and old, socialist simplicity (and lots of greys you would like!) vs the youthful, energetic and colourful "new Germany". Really great contrast to capture.

    Keep up the good work!


    PS What trousers is Husam wearing? Still on the hunt for a perfect pair of black skinny/slim jeans. Cheers!

  3. Cool location for the post I love the National Theater.


  4. These are great shots! I'm not the biggest fan of Sydney's architecture, can't think of anything I really like off the top of my head.

    Jane / deluminators

  5. If I were in Sydney today, I would like to see Richard Rogers work in Barangaroo. I am such a fan of Rogers, Stirk Harbour!

  6. I might have walked past it a few times already, I'll take a closer look for you next time!

  7. Fraser D B22:08

    Love the National Theatre so much! The metal tables are awesome for product grids and the coloured walls can be used in so many ways. https://www.facebook.com/mexiclothing/posts/336907253370554

  8. The photography in this post is out of this world guys. When I was in London I loved a lot of the buildings, especially the brutalist stuff like the National Theater. In the US there's a but less of that, but we do have some interesting buildings!


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