23 Jan 2017

A Fresh Routine in a New Neighbourhood

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Over the past five years I've become accustomed to long, tiring travel days. This isn't me moaning it's the lifestyle I have chosen. I've previously spoken about making the decision to stay in the North of England, rather than moving to London to pursue a career in the creative industry, and even though it has restricted my opportunities inevitably missing out on stuff because I'm not constantly on "the scene" I've put every effort in to making things work.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you need a pretty high level of commitment to your passions, and a decent grasp on time management (those never-ending to-do lists...) to make things happen for yourself. My routine far from perfect, and I do have organisational issues, but I'm getting there.

Our house is a five minute walk to the gym, seven minutes walk to the local shops and a stone's throw away from a lovely park. There's nowhere you can't get to in our town within a 20 minute car ride, but since last Summer decided to try a new mode of transport for those shorter deals cue the 30+ guy trying to look cool on a Penny Board.

Moving to new neighbourhood has given my a fresh perspective
 on my daily routine. A new structure
is what I needed.

In fact, this is actually my second skateboard by Penny, so after a bit of basic Tony Hawk training I've found myself using it frequently if I'm needing to pick up a few bits from the shops. But I'm not going to lie, I had to practice for a few months at the darker end the day before I had the confidence to rip up the mean streets of our new neighbourhood.

And confidence is something that is definitely tested in the world of self-employment; extreme highs, exciting projects + big smiles can easily be followed by sheer disappointment, self-doubt + contracts falling through. It's something you become accustom to, but it never really gets any easier, does it?

Those moments I find myself training at the gym, wandering to the shops, or just sitting down with a coffee and a new magazine are the point where I'm recharging and freeing my mind from the uncertainty of what might happen next. It ain't perfect, but then, what is?

Have you switched up your routine recently, or sticking to a tried-and-tested method?

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  1. I quite often wish I had opted to live out of London, but being freelance to means work opportunities have tied me to it for the time being.

    Over the past year I had a massive jump in my day to day routine and I still haven't managed to work out how to juggle everything from my blog, to work to my social life - I feel like I spend more time stressing about things that I have no time to do. But new year new start ay!

    Nice post Mat

  2. I need to learn to skateboard properly, always looks so effortless.
    Loving your shots Mat, but really love Minnie & Mickey!

    - Alexander @ Mr Essentialist

  3. Loved your take on this Mat and like that you're jumping on the skateboard more.

    James | www.br0n.co.uk

  4. It sounds like the area you're in now is nice, hope everything's going smoothly! I think skateboarding would be such a good mode of transport, but I'm 100% sure I'd injure myself somehow...

    Jane / deluminators

  5. Loving your shots ! Great post !
    Have an amazing day !

  6. Zoel Hernández19:21

    I really like your photos and blog in general! x

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.com

  7. Joey Waller19:57

    Loving the desk space man!

    Joey Waller | mrjoeyw.wordpress.com

  8. Coming along nicely.

  9. Thanks Zoel, I appreciate that.

  10. Thanks Nina, you too!

  11. Thanks bro, it ain't an easy one. Shame I didn't get any better ones of me on the board but my lens makes it tricky.

  12. The tricky part is finding where to learn away from anyone who can see! I'm not quite so effortless yet but I'm ok. Those are antiques of Hollie, apparently 50 years old

  13. Terrence Kennedy04:00

    Your the man Matthew! I like your blog on how you handle your self after moving in. It's amazing that being independent make us more manly enough and to make decisions, give us more courage to do great stuff. I also love reading Books specially for men, learning is great things to suit up in our daily living.

  14. Loving the new area yeah, thanks Jane! It's not easy, especially when you're not a young whipper snapper!


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