13 Dec 2016

Farer Automatic Watch Collection in Mayfair, London

 The Farer Hopewell Automatic

A few weeks back I paid a visit down to Mayfair with my buddies at Farer, the British watchmaker based in London. Since the last time I caught up with the brand in the Summer - where we tested out their debut collection around Soho + Fitzrovia they have taken a dive into the world of Automatic Watches.

The Automatic collection features three watches, all with very distinct differences; each playing on the timeless traditions of watchmaking, mixed with Farer's signature modern, yet playful styling.

To give the new collection a bit of context we headed down to Mayfair to explore one of London's most prestigious areas. It's an intriguing world down this way full of smartly dressed chaps, swanky restaurants and pristine shop fronts and even though it's only five minute's walk from the chaos of Oxford Street, it does a top job at feeling a million miles away.

First stop, J. D Classics: one of London's most well known classic car specialists. This place was on another level!

Farer Endurance Automatic | Coat by ASOS | Sweatshirt by Sunspel | Chinos by Dickies | Sneakers by Converse | Bag by Universal Works

J.D Classic's range of iconic British motors was the perfect place to start. True, I could never afford of any these beasts, and I wasn't allowed to test drive any, but I was fun to imagine what it would be like to properly get behind the wheel of one of  James Bond's old rides.

Each of the Swiss-made Automatic watches have each been designed in London, using the distinct mix of classic watch values, bold colours and an incredibly high level of detail not usually seen at this price-point. Take curved vintage-inspired dials + hands which sweep across the surface, or the solid bronze crown - small details which might be missed at first glance, but make all the difference.

Each watch in the collection has its own personality, and for me, that's why Farer have a knack of getting it spot on each time.

Break time. A quick walk down the road we found ourselves nestled in one of the busiest coffee spots in the area Workshop Coffee, just off St. Christopher's Place. Packed in wall-to-wall with locals + visitors, all trying to get their daily fix, we luckily managed to grab the best seat in the house. 

Flat whites + chocolate brownies ordered as standard. The reclaimed wooden table made for the perfect setting to photograph the Beagle; probably the most unusual model from the collection. The apple green hands + numbers aren't something I've ever seen on a watch before, but the colours work perfectly against the tan leather strap and subtle red details.

I know I bang on about this, but it's so rewarding to meet up and collaborate with the people and brands I respect. The first time I came across Farer on Instagram I knew that I'd probably not be the brand's typical customer, but I was instantly stuck by the playful design and level of detail each watch has.

A little out of my usual price range for sure, but to me, I see Farer as an attainable investment, over the more higher-end  manufacturers. And for those others who are into their watches in a serious way then Farer comes in as a alternative younger brother; something a little different from the norm - but totally justified by the quality.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Farer collection; are you new to the whole automatic game like me, and are the smaller details something you look for in design? 

To find out more about Farer Watches and how they are made visit here. View the full Automatic collection here.


  1. So classy and luxurious!!

  2. J.D Classics looks like a cool space. I'm not much of a car man, but I definitely appreciate the design of a classic. And I agree with you on the green hand against the leather strap, it works for sure.

    Jordan Bunker | Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Check out the pipes on that motorcycle! And what a lovely timepiece

  4. All about the pipes! They are very nice watches, just a little outta my budget

  5. Same man, think we've spoke about this before. I'm an A-to-Be guy but I appreciate the design details and materials. Yeah pretty unusual.

  6. I always feel like I turn classy stuff into way more casual! I guess it's a funny skill to have...


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