25 Nov 2016

Escaping the City | Westons Cider, Herefordshire

London is a very cool place to live. There’s always something going on and - as someone famous once said - you really can’t get tired of it.

That said, it can seem a bit insular. Escaping the city, from time-to-time, just has to be done.

We get a fair amount of traveling in, to be honest. Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Nottingham, and soon Glasgow - the blog takes us to all the happening places. And now, you can add a cider mill in Herefordshire to that list.

Okay, it might lack a bit of that action we usually look for - coffee shops, decent stores, a gallery or two - but, Westons Cider (home of Stowford Press, Mortimer’s Orchard, Caple Road, and many more) still offered a lot to impress.

This is cider on a massive scale; yet, unbelievably, it still has that classic rural feel. Following the apples down from the ancient orchards, through the whole process, as they get turned to liquid, to the thousands of shiny casks, basking in the yard, metres from the fields, shire horses, and an old steam roller. Pretty much picture perfect England, really. Hopefully, we’ll be back for another dose next year.

Visit Westons Cider on YouTube to hear more about their ciders and see that steam roller in action.


  1. Goodness so many apples! I would love to try out this cider :)

  2. Love this photo story! Must have been a fun afternoon following the cider production haha!

    Kosta // Cool Gear Cavalier

  3. That wasn't even half of them! Honestly, you couldn't walk without treading on them. My boots smelled of apples for weeks afterwards. An amazing trip.

  4. Thanks Kosta! Yeah, really good. An amazing afternoon. So fun and so cider filled. Wish i'd taken more photos, to be honest!


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