4 Jun 2016

Travel | The People of Japan

Fellas hanging outside Green Angle in Harajuku

Since flying home from Japan around three weeks ago things got a little manic. You take 10 days away from work and some crazy backlog situation starts going down! Anyway, I'm still playing catch-up but I've just been going through the first set of images from mine and Dan Marc's travels across Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Japan was like no other place I'd been, and the People of Japan quickly became fascinating to us. The street kids in Harajuku, business-types of downtown Toyko,  endless stream of faces on the crossings, street buskers, service workers, business owners, toddlers holding tightly on to their mums, the calm natured attitude of Kyoto, colour festival goers in Asakusa and everything in between.

Here's some of our favourite characters and groups that we came across, in what was one of the most memorable trips I've ever taken. We'll be sure to share some more from our travels very soon.

As cool as you like, just near Shibuya Crossing

 We were visited some cool spots in Shibuya with Tetsuya of Buddy
The evening light in Toyko was perfect

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  1. Loving these shots - super excited to see more!

  2. This is nice man! Reminds me of when I did something similar over in Italy. You definitely get a feel for the city by focusing on the people that inhibit it. Look forward to seeing the next one. J


  3. They have the best style. Can't wait to see more!
    Alexander @ Mr Essentialist

  4. Japan looks like an amazing place to be!



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  5. such lovely street photography, really captures the beauty of Japan!

    Ondulee : ondulee.com

  6. Awesome travel diary! I'm so looking forward to visiting Japan in a few months. Especially Tokyo will be a great experience.


  7. These are some great shots! Sounds like such an interesting experience, Mat!

  8. Thanks Dillion, it was a very colourful place and I'm really pleased with the images.

  9. Thanks Patrick! It was a fantastic experience.

  10. So natural isn't it, matey!

  11. Yep man, I remember that post very well. Nik honest brings it up actually, it's one of his favs yet. I think cos it's so natural, and you get a real feel for the place that someone has been too.

    Buckets & Spades

  12. Thanks Jane, I'm glad you do!

  13. It was, more to come soon!

  14. I love these people captures! Quite special. Looking forward to see more.

    Katrina Sophia

  15. I wish to go someday. Love these pictures and captures and all their different face expressions.


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