3 Mar 2016

With Love Project Hardbound Book on Kickstarter

Our friends at With Love Project just launched their new Kickstarter campaign, with the aim to fund a hardbound book, which documents their search for people who produce things with purpose and passion. Last November we previewed the "Backbone of Britain" project, which shares Chris Roberts + Rob Evans's journey across the UK, to dig into why these makers and craftspeople do what they do. For the love, the passion, and the way of life.

With Love Project Hardbound Book on Kickstarter
With Love Project Hardbound Book on Kickstarter

"Each and every journey is filled with excitement and anticipation of hearing another great story; an insight into someone's thinking, their way of life and a chunk of knowledge and
advice to hold on to."

At this point the With Love Project has visited nearly 40 inspring individuals; each with a unique but interlinking story of following their dreams. Blacksmiths, Shoemakers, Denim experts, Mechanics, Potters, Shopkeepers...these stories have now been turned into a beautifully put-together book - it's the perfect coffee-table book for anyone who has a love for craft, travel stories, and design.

For more information on the project, and some exciting rewards, visit the With Love Project Kickstarter page.


  1. stylentonic Constantinos14:49

    Very interesting!


  2. What an incredible book. I always love to see the story behind people's passions. I'd love to get my hands on this!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  3. Wow, this is such an inspirational book!


  4. Barrie Thomson20:06

    Love the idea behind this and the video of the roadtrip is an inspiration in itself. Can't wait to see what will undoubtedly be a high class publication with unique insight to unique creators.


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