29 Feb 2016

This Week's Kit | A Busy Old Month

I was expecting a pretty quiet start to 2016, but it's been the complete opposite. We're still working with a "beans on toast month" kinda situation, but that's not to say January + February haven't been productive. And this business ain't stopping in March either. First off, myself + Hollie will be celebrating our 10th anniversary with a few days in Edinburgh, then I'm flying to a distillery a few days later. We've also got some shoots to prep for, I've got a some LUMIX duties to keep me busy, and I'll be finishing March off with a few days exploring Newcastle. 

When I have found some downtime it's mostly involved reading, car shopping and sharing a few drinks at the weekend. With that being said This Week's Kit is loosely based on those days where things are a little more chill, and doesn't involved five blummin' train journeys...

Private White V.C. Field Jacket | Printed Pages Magazine | Ajoto Aluminium Silver Pen | Millican Crew Bag | Club Monaco Chinos | Instrmnt 01-B Watch | Whole Earth Peanut Butter with Mixed Seeds | Nike Archive 83.M Sneakers | Haeckles Hand Balm | Gipsy Hill Beatnik Beer | Ancnoc Blas Whisky

I'm not saying I'd usually sit around in my best jacket, but its fabric has been developed by, "Nobel Prize-winning scientists" - so I can't imagine it letting me down. This water-resistant Field Jacket will be perfect with these off-white chinos by Club Monaco. The Instrmnt watch is another piece I spotted on my travels, whilst visiting their Glasgow store last week.

Coming straight of the 1983 archive are these previously unreleased suede + mesh Nike sneakers. They dropped a few colourways in these last year, but for SS16 Nike have released this blue + petrol version. This would be my second part of Archive '83, but I can see these working nicely with this canvas tote bag-slash-briefcase by Millican.

I've been using Ajoto's signature pens for about a month now, and as well as coming in some of the most thoughtful packaging I've ever seen, it's been a dream to use. Weighty, this beast is by far one of my favourite products of the last 12 months. Now, just imagine if Ajoto made notepads...Equally intriguing is this Seaweed + Geranium hand balm by skincare brand, Haeckles, which a couple of people have recommended.

Two new drinks of my radar this month; first up, Ancnoc Blas single malt whisky, which has been developed in partnership with British design, Patrick Grant. Sweet, fresh and easy to drink. And, the Beatnik pale ale by Gipsy Hill Brewery, is one that Nik's been recommending for a while, so I'm currently trying to track a few bottles down.

What are your favourite products this month?


  1. I agree! I can't believe how jam-packed the start of 2016. It seems like everyone's running around....everywhere! But how exciting! What a fun anniversary to celebration - congrats to you both. And as far as my favorite products, I'm really diggin' anything that Mandy is stocking in her Waiting on Martha shop. I actually have a post coming up tomorrow with a few pieces she has. Happy Monday!

  2. I can see this outfit coming together pretty nicely. Big fan of the field jacket! A fan of pretty much anything that comes out the Private White V.C. factory. J


  3. The petrol Nike's look sweet :)
    Alexander @ Mr Essentialist

  4. Darwin19:24

    Enjoy your March trip! That’s a great way to celebrate your 10th anniversary: Travelling together.


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