2 Jun 2015

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus

Ey-up, those guys from Bellroy are back. We've covered them a few times now and perhaps people are beginning to think we work for them! Well, we don't - not yet, anyway - but they're constantly putting our great products that we want to tell everyone about. So really it's their fault, not ours!

The thing I love about Bellroy is that they're not really a wallet company; instead, they're a (management type speak coming up) 'storage solutions' company. My words, not theirs. It's true and their latest Elements Phone Pocket Plus range shows that perfectly. This isn't a wallet, it's a clever way of storing your valuables (and damageables) when out and about - especially if you do anything particular active. I'm looking at you Rick!

Even if you're not into an action wallet, it's probably going to come in handy if you head outside for any less active reasons. I'm taking mine to Glastonbury, guaranteed. If anyone finds Bellroy case with a phone, keys, and no money in it - that's mine! Nik.

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  1. Maria Fallon20:13

    These are super cool, I wonder if they would fit all of my bloods stuff in?

    Maria xxx

  2. Tom King 21:54

    Great little product!

    Tom - kinggtomm.com

  3. Wow this looks amazing! I wouldn't mind having one of these! Need to share with Gabe too. Thanks for always giving the heads up on cool products and supporting small businesses!

  4. Wow, great product! It looks like it fits a lot of stuff...very cool!

  5. I LUV FUNCTIONAL FASHION!!!! its the best. and the design on top

    New on JON THE GOLD - BLOG :
    'Iconic 501'
    Greets Jon

  6. Albert Wijaya15:24

    Looks like a fantastic product!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  7. All about the function for us.

  8. We've been using Bellroy products for a few years now, they have thought of everything! They also do really sweet, short videos which show off their gear.

  9. Well, there's space for all sorts, so maybe! Defo space for tabels and such.

  10. Reckon you could fit a whole bag's worth of stuff in it. Their videos are really sweet too.

  11. prophetmonroe16:20

    Just ordered mine! 5 days ago and they haven't shipped it :/ BUT EXCITED NONETHELESS! I'm sure it's a great product for me especially if they can fit my 6+ and passport like they advertise it.


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