20 Apr 2015

A Weekender with Timex

It seems like every other weekend we have things going on this year; a trip to the forest, spending time in Brighton, family get-togethers for Easter...That's the beauty of this time of year though, and I'm never really one for sitting around and relaxing, so it's been suiting me just fine. We'd actually been planning to stay over in Liverpool to celebrate our 9th anniversary, but when the opportunity to spend the weekend in the Forest of Dean came up we had to re-jig a little.

We have a crush on Liverpool. It's our favourite city in the region, and we try to visit given any glimpse of opportunity. It's one of the first cities we visited together as a couple. There's just something special about it, with a totally different feel + buzz from the rest of the North West. For this weekend we partnered up with Timex, to show you how we might spent a typical weekend together.

Liverpool is known for its independent culture and free spirit, with many small businesses flourishing over the years, and many more on the rise and gaining credibility in the city centre. One such brand is Cow&co., a modern design store-cum-bookshop-turned-cafe, nestled just off the main shopping area. Its tiny interior doesn't hinder the amount of well designed pottery, homeware + magazines that lines the shelves - not forgetting the cafe part too. I hear their bagels are the best in town.

The newly opened Filter + Fox can be found in the spot previously occupied by Duke Street Espresso, just near Albert Docks, was our second stop of the morning. A much needed strong coffee is what we wanted and that's what we got. Filter + Fox labels itself as a "Cafe - Bar - Hideout", with a slightly rustic but modern feel.

Here we're both wearing a new model to Timex's Weekend family, the Chrono Oversized. The new addition for SS15 features a larger face than its little brother, the Weekender, large dials and a classic leather or suede slip-thru style strap. The large windows in Filter + Fox let in an incredible amount of daylight, but it's well worth a nose in the evening too for a quiet drink.

Hollie Wears - Zara Coat + Jumper | J.Crew Jeans | adidas Stan Smith x Pharrell Williams trainers | Chrono Weekender Watch c/o Timex

We've heard a bit of buzz around the new Tony Ray-Jones + Martin Parr photography exhibition, Only In England, at the Walker Gallery, and knew we couldn't visit the city without seeing it. Hollie's background is in photography, and she's been following Martin Parr's unique perspective on everyday life for as long as I've know her. No photography was allowed inside sadly, but it was cool though - a little smaller than I was expecting but as it was free we really can't complain.

Photos-wise I had settle (hardly) for Lucian Freud's "Interior at Paddington", which I wasn't expecting to see, and is one of my favourite paintings to boot.

Wearing - Jack Spades Chinos | Timberland Jacket | ASOS Shirt | Chrono Weekender Watch c/o Timex | Converse 70's | AnonymousIsm Socks | Southern Field Industries Bag

We spent a good hour hanging around the Albert Docks, waiting to catch a glimpse of Sir Peter Blake's new Razzle Dazzle paint job on the Mersey Ferry, only to realise that it wasn't coming anywhere remotely close to us. But we did see it from a distance! Our watches struck 4pm, and after a top drawer coffee at Hotel Chocolat we mosied across to Tate Liverpool for even more art + look around the shop. We ended the day off with dinner at Wagamamas. Done.

For further info on Liverpool's independent scene visit Independent Map Co. + Independent Liverpool.

The following day Hollie got all her baking kit out and decided to make us up some fresh corn muffins. Baking is one of Hollie's favourite things, eating is one of mine. I try to keep out of the way while she's in the zone, but it's hard to stay too far back with all the ace doughy smells.

Just let me know if you'd like us to share more of Hollie's baking on the blog, I'm sure she'd love to. Do you remember her Malted Milk Three Layer Cake?

Wearing - Sweatshirt c/o Joules | Universal Works Trousers | Harry Stedman White T-Shirt Weekender Watch c/o Timex

Keeping an eye on the baking times was easy. Hollie's wearing the new lime green Weekender Rip-Stop, and I'm wearing the classic Weekender Slip-Thru. 25 minutes in the oven and they're done! The outcome was warm, sweet and ready to eat American-style muffins. We had them with a coffee, but plenty of people have them with toppings or as an accompaniment with chilli con carne and other Southern American-style foods. You'll find them in most burger joints these days, but nothing beats a bit of home cooking!

Hopefully you've enjoyed a look into our Weekender with Timex. I could really get used to these weekends that aren't clogged up with work. We'd love to hear how you lot like to spend a typical weekend, please do share with us in the comments!

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This post is in partnership with Timex UK. Thank you for taking the time to support the businesses that make this blog happen.

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  1. Seems you two had a lovely weekend, and I love Hollie's shoes!

    A typical, nice weekend for me would be a day or two of mornings in my studio painting & making, an afternoon out with the fella, dinner & drinks with friends or family in the evening. Simple & nice! Yesterday was spent doodling, thrifting and watching Game of Thrones!

  2. Looks like a nice little weekend adventure you two had! As always, looking very stylish! Would love to read about some baking adventures by Hollie :)

    Lots of warm weather and sunshine here over the weekend. Got a weeks worth of vitamin D!

  3. Great photos! I've only been to Liverpool once but I loved it so I can understood your love for it. Love the watches, especially the one with the navy strap! x


  4. These are beautiful photos...looks like it was a wonderful weekend! I would love to see more of Hollie's baking...it is definitely one of my favorite things to do...baking and eating! :)

  5. Damn they sure did put a lot of detail into the dial. Great watches thanks for sharing!

  6. They sure have, for this season they're upped their game for sure.

  7. We do seem to get up to fun!

  8. Thanks for the comment. Ok great, I'll pass it on to Hollie, she really should do!

  9. It's well cool up in Liverpool, I guess not many folk think of it, more just go straight to London?

  10. Super news V, I'll tell her then. A few people have said it would be cool idea, she's always at it, and it always looks nice. Got to soak in the D while you can!

  11. It's a pretty cool place, so much to do. wins over Manchester for me.

  12. Those adidas are pretty nuts aren't they, she loves 'em. that sounds like a full and pretty ace weekend right there. can't plan it better!

  13. Liverpool is such a wonderful place, guess people know it cos of The Beatles but so much going on there. We try to visit as much as possible. Me and Hollie are both watch people, me more so, as I can't even leave the house without one! They sell Timex in Target for quite cheap, fyi!

  14. your photography work is always phenomenal. This now inspires me to check out the UK asap! Awesome post!

  15. This is a really lovely take on Liverpool, Mat. Loving Hollie's trainers here too, they are awesome! I will note these places down for my next visit to Liverpool. I did a lot of the 'touristy' things on my trip but I'm keen to explore the independents next time! Thanks for alerting me to this blogpost, I really enjoy reading your travel write ups!

  16. Thanks my man, that's very kind.

  17. Glad you liked it, Sarah, that's super kind of you. I love the place, so many new places popping up. Inde's thrive there. Aw nice, well we enjoy putting them together!

  18. You are welcome 👍


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