7 Nov 2014

Training The Nike Way at Wembley | NFL Combine

Both Mat and I don’t shy away from exercise - Mat’s a keen cyclist and I just completed Tough Mudder - but I wouldn’t say either of us are ‘athletes’. So, when Nike contacted us this week about a trip to Wembley for a training session with players from the NFL and English Premier League, I was intrigued and slightly worried.

Intrigued, as anything Nike do is usually innovative (plus a trip to the national stadium is always an exciting prospect). Worried, as although I know little about NFL, what I have seen looks very physical indeed! 

Now before you turn away to read something else, this isn't about sports. Nike's focus is really on training - how to improve your fitness, stamina, movement, and control. It's all stuff that goes towards making you a better athlete; whether you're just a casual runner or a full on gym nut. The athletes and coaches on show at Wembley, really put us through our paces. A trip to the Wembley changing room to get kitted up in Nike Pro Combat gear, football kit, and a pair of Nike Free Trainer 5.0 was followed by a series of drills out in the driving rain. You know, running around cones, jumping through over hurdles, catching footballs, that kind of thing.
We finished with a 40 yard dash - the time I achieved won't be repeated here - and then the best reward of all: dinner.  It was a brilliant, if slightly surreal, way to spend a Tuesday evening. The aches and pains should fade in the next couple of days, the lessons though, I'll definitely take away and apply in my next gym session. - Nik

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  1. Well done for not shying away guys! Looks intense!

    I have to say this NFL at Wembley thing is all weird to me - but I am football crazy. The proper football not the one where you can pick up the funny shaped "ball" and run with it :)

    That said - Hiro (who is also all about football) has just come back from Dallas and after spending time with some new Mexican buddies has started attacking about Dallas Cowboys? Ahem - it's all about Arsenal in house!

  2. We don't shy around from a bit of toughness!

    I must admit I do really enjoy NFL, would love to go to a game.

  3. This looks like it was a super memorable evening and cool that you guys got stuck in - i have friends who do tough mudder/mud run type things so I have mad respect for them, they're intense!!

  4. I did the Tough Mudder a week before this, so it was my first exercise since dragging myself through the 12 miles of that. Hard work, especially the NFL section. Definitely a memorable evening though - you're dead right!

  5. There was some football training going on to (led by Spurs players - sorry!). Have to say, I preferred that...probably as I know what I'm doing. The NFL stuff was good too though. Very insightful. Training like that everyday must take some real mental strength. We only did a tiny % of what they do in a session and that hurt enough.

    (p.s. sorry about Arsenal! Not a great week for you guys)

  6. I don't want to talk about Arsenal this week Nik. I am fuming. :( ahahaha - seriously though..WTF!

  7. Sorry! But, yes. How did that happen?!

  8. Clicked on this link through your fitness post. I'm really into my fitness too and as a massive fan of the NFL and football this looks amazing!! You'll have to let me know if you ever go again!

    Ben | www.twentyfirstcenturygent.com


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