1 Sep 2014

DITTO Eyewear | Virtual Try-On at Home

As clumsy as it may sound, I'm starting to get through glasses like there's no tomorrow. This year I've had two pairs of specs; the first I managed to loose in Dublin on my trip with ASOS and the second have ended up with skewiff legs due to me carrying them in a "trendy man's" leather glasses slip - Hollie's words not mine.

I've worn glasses since I was around 17 years old, only using them for driving and long distances, but I've always have an affection towards wearing them. I was constantly reminded of the fact that I didn't need a pair when I was a kidI was only member of my family not needing a pair "full time"–but I always thought they evoked a certain cool but most importantly, adulthood. I'm usually trying to find a good excuse to wear my RayBan frames but I know the consequence is that I'll end up relying on them, then be stuck with lids for life! I do think round frames suit my face though, but it was trial and error finding the perfect style.

When it comes to looking for a new pair of specs there's many routes to take. It's pretty hard to decide whether to check out your local opticians, seek recommendation or stick to what you already know. DITTO are offering something a little different from the rest - the online eyewear specialist has developed some crazy futuristic technology that not only lets you virtually try on glasses from their full collection, but they've also designed the programme so you can twist your head around to see the glasses frame at every angle.

I asked the ever-willing Hollie to try on a few a few pairs of glasses using DITTO's try-on service, to give you a better idea of how it all works. We picked several styles to try from their designer glasses range; Wayfarer, Oval, Round + Oversized.

Currently DITTO's brand list includes Ray-Ban, Persol, Linda Farrow, Illesteva, Chloe, Super, so there was plenty for us to choose from for both male and female. The experience of "virtually" trying on a pair of glasses online before you order can only be a positive thing. We could clearly see which styles suited Hollie, and with a slight tilt of the head, which styles didn't! It was kinda spooky how real they looked on her. I did have a go trying on a few pairs too but Hollie is much more photogenic that I am!

Overall it's not only a fun service but also a helpful exercise to see if we are making the right choice, to avoid disappointment at home. The next time you're shopping around for a new pair of glasses–be that prescription or UV–it's definitely worth checking out DITTO's services. Plus they're Currently they're offering a $50-off incentive, easy international shipping + no hassle returns.

In Collaboration with DITTO

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  1. great idea
    i'm going to try on

    Mi blog by Amo

  2. Ha that is so cool!
    I'm super picky with sunnies - I'll pick some off the shelves that look awesome, and then when I try them on I look like a huge insect! Definitely hasn't worked with online purchases until today. Maybe this can fix it!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. It's a bit of fun, but does actually work too.

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  5. Bar Timor12:36

    Was looking for stuff on Ditto, such a great brand, thanks for the lovely post!
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  6. simranpatel12:37

    this are awesome ..can i find same sunglasses for men


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