9 Jul 2014

#First Skate Revolution | Take Back The City

#First Skate Revolution Take Back The City, lifestyle blog, skateboarding, skate tips, budapest skate scene
#First Skate Revolution Take Back The City, lifestyle blog, skateboarding, skate tips, budapest skate scene, skate video

My ongoing obsession with skateboarding continues to grow with this short film about a skate revolution currently happening in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Taking it back to the street, the aim of life-long skateboarder Balaj was to get as many people interested in the sport as possible; both seasoned riders and newbies. The community quickly started to take notice and he applied for the Vodafone #Firsts sponsorship scheme, which helped support the regeneration of Europe's largest skatepark - mutually beneficial for the greater good.

This dynamic short features Balaj, his pals and around 150 local skateboarders, showing what a bit of hard work and determination can lead too; all set in the heart of Europe, to backdrop of beautiful architecture and historical landmarks.

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  1. this makes me wanna skate sooo bad, such a awesome project-they should so do the same for surfing though i can imagine it being slightly more challenging. thanks for sharing

    (ps..sorry if you're getting several comments from me, google was being weird)

  2. the video is breathtaking! loving all those bird view and slow motion shots. ta for sharing.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. When I was teenager I loved watching skateboarders doing their stuff at a park across my house..I loved this video.
    take a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM4FQ_FqEhQ

  4. ok, this is pretty damn cool :) So many californians stand for this stuff...

  5. This is sooooo coooool Mat! Viva la revolution!


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