1 Jan 2014

Kitchen Design Trends For 2014

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen in the New Year, it may be difficult knowing where to start as it’s such a key room of any home. That’s why we’ve gone behind the scenes and scoured the top interior design trends that are set to appear in the coolest of kitchens in 2014. Some of them are also surprisingly easy to achieve, too.

Open shelving systems

Gone are the days of hiding away your kitchen tableware in disorganised, messy cupboards. A new idea that seems to be everywhere at the moment involves banishing the cupboards completely, and displaying your things on shelves. Or, if you’re not quite feeling that brave, investing in some cabinets with glass doors is a good alternative, like this one from IKEA.

A dark colour palette

The perfect way to bring your kitchen bang up to date is to update the colouring. Monochrome kitchens are as relevant and stylish as they always have been, with an extra emphasis on black and grey set to distinguish it into 2014. Keep things fresh and airy in an otherwise dark room with a good source of natural light, so perhaps consider renovating your windows with companies like www.anglianhome.co.uk/windows

Casual dining islands

Islands are an additional, interesting modern feature of any multipurpose kitchen. They’re increasing in popularity rapidly due to providing an extra dining space, or simply just extra worktop space. However, avoid installing an island if your kitchen is small as it can make the room feel cluttered and smaller than it is.

Hardwood flooring

Classic flooring will accentuate any room, and designers have really used this element to improve the kitchen for 2014. Don’t be afraid to team dark solid wood flooring with dark cabinets and walls – it just means you have to keep things airy and modern with light fittings. Although good wooden flooring can be quite expensive, it’s worth thinking about the fact that it has timeless appeal and will last for decades.

Black appliances

The great thing about black appliances is that they will never feel dated, unlike their more ‘out-there’ coloured rivals. Whilst red, orange or purple kettles, toasters and microwaves might seem light a great idea at the time, sticking to a sensible black option doesn’t mean that it’s boring – it means that it will stand the test of time and keep your kitchen looking modern for much longer. Display your attractive appliances too, instead of storing them away, to add an element of homeliness to the room as well as interior design points.

Colour pop tiles

If the dark colours of 2014 don’t fill you will enthusiasm, it’s not all doom and gloom. Why not invest in a few colour popping, contrasting tiles for main focal points of the room? They look great above sinks and ovens for example. Colours to go for to stay on trend include green, blue and yellow. Be sure to not overdo it though, and only use it in a couple of ways to avoid losing the clean cut style of the darker room. 

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  1. jesus those two photos are perfection! love the black surface tops!!

  2. Seriously, I would kill to overhaul our kitchen. It's the dream. Unfortunately you can't really do anything with it without doing everything to it and moneyz ya know... One day though.

  3. We need a new kitchen sooooo bad. Brown. Formica. Enogh said... Love these ideas.


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