14 Dec 2013

The Return of adidas Stan Smith + Weekend Links


Following on from the Limited Edition adidas watch comes The Return of Stan Smith. The classic white tennis shoe - associated with top sports stars as much as they are with groups of youths hanging on street corners. The adidas Stan Smith is probably the only trainer I can remember it being "acceptable" for both school kids and teachers to wear. Click here to see a very charming history of the iconic shoe, told by the man himself.

Press play to hear from the man himself, amounts other well known faces throughout the creative and sport industry. The trainers are set for re-released late Jan 2014. The other plus being they'll cost about £60, a wee bit more affordable than the watch....

I feel like I've had a pretty weird week. Busy every day but not achieving really achieving much. Maybe I'm just stressed about the lack of Christmas presents I've bought. Tonight I'm off to my work's Xmas do, so I'll take it as an excuse to wear a suit. Plans for this weekend guys?

Weekend Bucket List

Anna of In Honor of Design was kind enough to ask me to put a Men's Christmas Gift Guide together.
Some photos from one of my favourite stores in London.
Can't wait for 2014? Cockney Rebel have lots of adidas Originals trainers.
My buddy Clare has designed her very own Christmas Cards!
Menswear bloggers (inc. me!) chat AW jackets.
Disneyland under construction in 1954.
Digging this outfit, my new favourite style blog.

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adidas stan smith 2014, adidas stan smith collection rerelease, adidas originals releases, stan smith green white colourway
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  1. fantastic!
    Kisses from http://miescueladetacones.blogspot.com.es/

  2. Oh I love the perforations. It's such a nice take on their classic triple stripe!

  3. So nice shoes!
    love them!

  4. I love classic white tennis shoes but I need to have them a little dirt on mine. love the style blog you've linked

  5. ah i remember them! i quite like them. uniform journal's khaki shirt is lovely! always adore the colour.

    hope this week is better for you x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  6. hope you had a good weekend! i love those cards. so adorable!

  7. i just pinned a pair of vintage saucony trainers....they are pretty cool! also, i'm digging the army and khaki blog!

  8. I grew up with Adidas so I'm psyched to see the brand make a come back - also, Run DMC is now stuck in my head ("My Adidas") :)


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