26 Oct 2013

Santiago Salvador's People + Weekend Links

santiago salvador illustration, illustration of people, cartoon people drawing, colourful cartoon illustration

I've got Hollie to thank for this one, she'd pinned some of Santiago Salvador's "People" illustrations to one of her boards and they instantly made me smile. I can't quite describe what it is a like about them, something to do with their rainbow colours and weird sense of movement maybe. See more of his work by clicking the link above.

This week feels like it's been a productive one. I've been making plans to visit London next month for a couple of days (does anyone want to meet up?), photographing products for reviews, reluctantly joined a new gym, working the p/t job and on the blog. Couple of interesting links for you this week, I recommend checking out the first article, it's raises some interesting points. 

Have a good one guys.

Weekend Bucket List

Thought provoking post on quitting your blog and living a more private life.
Schoolboy Couture chats to photographer Garcon Jon.
A very funny tribute to Eddie Cochran, Vic + Bob style.
Ever tried Pumpkin Beer?
Lovely black + white photographs in Newcastle.
Payday treat to myself perhaps?
An interview I did recently for Proper Magazine.
Really like these two dressers, with nine different colours.
Manchester's own, Private White V.C kits out the Goodwood Revival.


  1. I love those colourful people Buckets, good find from Hollie!

    Definitely in need of a proper catch up very soon!

    Tweet Tweet xx

  2. Those illustrations are cool, I love the ones with just the arms! Sounds like you've been busy (in a good way!) lately.

  3. That's such a great print! Loving the article on quitting your blog and being more private too, its definitely something I've wrestled with.

  4. The illustration is quite simple but still eye catching, think it's the colours too. yay on productive week! I joined a new gym recently, i'm enjoying going to the classes

  5. What a good find! I've never seen these before, so bright and cheery, I can definitely see something like this on my wall.

    Interesting read about quitting the blog too, although I've only just started up, so I'm not sure how to feel on it.

    Hmm maybe...

  6. love the illustration as well. and great black and white photographs!

  7. I really like the colour and how neat they are drawn. The black and white photographs of Newcastle are amazing! I like capturing a place's beauty

  8. Lovely! I also love the colors. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Cool links, Mat. Interesting article about blogging, thank you for sharing it. Yes, I've tried pumpkin beer but not Blue Point, another great recommendation! :)


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