19 Oct 2013

Animal Illustrations by Josh Brill + Weekend Links

This series of illustrations by Josh Brill was a nice little mid-week find. There's something about their eyes that gives them a weird sense of life. I'm not talking rubbish honest, check them out for yourselves. They can be bought as prints from the link above.

This weekend I'm attempting to push myself a bit harder and get myself out for an early run, using the Can't vs Don't attitude (see below), I'll probably ruin in all with a takeaway later though. What's going down this weekend, is there anything interesting going on in your area?

Weekend Bucket List

Off to buy pumpkins to make this smoothie recipe.
Mamnick's new cycling shoes something else.
Can't vs Don't - An interesting way of trying to change habits.
Win a tuktuk AW13 shirt, Floral or Cord?
The Street Etiquette fellas recently travel to Johannesburg.
Really lovely wedding photography by Tom Ravenshear, I hope ours looks this nice!
Beautiful shots of Sapa in Vietnam.


  1. Wicked illustrations, I agree - their eyes...

    The wedding photos are lovely, lovely ambience. That can't vs don't is great, gave me a food for thought and I'll definitely give it a try with my swimming and jogging

    have a lovely weekend!

  2. That wedding photography is beautiful. Also the Can't vs Don't attitude seems like a good way to change your habits, I'm going to try that this weekend and see where it gets me.

  3. Thanks for featuring me!

  4. I definitely need to give this can't versus don't a go. Crazy how something so simple can affect our mind and our attitude!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  5. They are lovely illustrations, I can imagine them on cards!

    Tweet Tweet xx

  6. So dope. Ive been digging illustrations that 'fit together' there are some amazing geometric ones floating around pintrest too. E

  7. I like the eyes on the giraffe. They look like they're popping out a bit. Have a good weekend Mat! I'll see if I can find that beer.

  8. how did the don't attitude go?!? its been helping me a lot actually (except yesterday after a late night out...oy)

  9. Awww my fave is definitely the giraffe! Liam and I have two empty frames we need filling, we've got an old print of our flat which looks like this: http://bit.ly/GWHCCF but I would love that giraffe! Lovely find, and good luck with your running! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. I love the personality behind these prints!

  11. I like the can't vs don't philosophy (Krystal is cool). :) I also love that Monkey illustration and the shots of Sapa (beautiful).


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