29 Mar 2013

Introducing...Stuarts London

My pics from Stuarts current collection - Oliver Spencer Surveillance jacket, Edwin Nimes shirt, Red Wing Moc Toe boots, Levi's Made & Crafted Zig-Zag tee, Universal Works Brisbane jacket, Penfield Lansdale shirt,
 Pendleton blanket, Farah Vintage tailored shorts.

I'd like to introduce my new blog sponsors, Stuarts London. Stuarts was established in the late 1960s as a traditional tailors and outfitters for city gents, throughout the 70s & 80s they began to stock more casual european brands and formed a very popular following with the terrace casuals. Nowadays Stuarts offers such an extensive list of brands it's hard to place it in one category, let's call it an emporium for menswear.

With over 100 brands on their list it's hard to narrow it down but some of my favourite pieces are coming from Barbour, Carhartt, Clarks, Edwin, Farah Vintage, Grenson, Levi's Vintage Clothing, Norse Projects, Oliver Spencer, Paul Smith, YMC....the list goes on. Over the next couple of months I will be working with Stuarts to bring you some exciting stuff including giveaways, offers and brand exclusives. We'll be starting with a giveaway very soon so be sure to look out for that.

I hope you all enjoy your long Easter Weekend guys, hopefully you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. I'll be working but hopefully I'll squeeze in a few hours of fun somewhere. Take it easy.


  1. ooo i know someone who would look pretty handsome in that zig zag tee...


  2. Mmm nice selection you've picked out, I really like the khaki coat. Happy Easter!

  3. They have some lovely shirts and that blue jacket with a splash of orange is fab!

  4. Anonymous23:24

    Liking these a lot, especially the denim shirt. It has a really jazzy pattern. I can imagine that'll look great in the summer, or tucked under a big chunky knit in colder weather.

    Hope work goes fast for you so you can get home and enjoy yourself!

  5. Anonymous00:03

    Oh man, such nice things. Love those boots and that floral print and that cozy blanket!


  6. Congrats. Couldn't help but notice you throwing some red wings in there. Hopefully you can land yourself a pair for a good price.
    Personally I'm really liking the pendleton duffle bag. Lately I've been really into duffle's. Not exactly to sure why as I have no need for a bag that big but man have I been liking them. Even deciding on releasing some with the shoes.
    I'm also liking that floral print shirt, it has a nice vintage look to it without going overboard.

    I'm glad you're liking the inspiration pictures I've been posting. Your framing idea isn't half bad and I think I might just end up doing that.
    Sorry you're working so much but June will be here before you know it! Kinda worrying actually. haha.
    Glad to hear you've got a shop lined up for NGco. Now are you wholesaling your products to them or is it more of a consignment type deal? None the less that's great man! Hopefully we can see some pics once it's in the shop.

    Checked out Bean&Anchor real quick. Still need to go back to it but I liked it a lot from what I saw. The site is superb and pleasant to look at. I'm also liking that it has people from all over.
    My brother and I are going to make product displays when the time is right for the company. Should be fun and we're pretty excited about that. Also be making displays for pop up shops but that'll be a while from now.

    hey, it's not to late to pick up carpentry? Maybe you can find yourself some classes that aren't school related, you know, maybe some guy teaching it from his own workshop or something? I bet there's plenty of classes like that but for painting.

    The range is coming along good! thanks for asking. Sadly we had to push the launch date but it is worth it. Just trying to get the shoes dialed in how we'd like. Looking to have hats and bags along with the line too. So making samples for everything has been taking up quite a bit of time. Shooting to have it all ready by the beginning of May. I was looking to take a trip to Denver sometime soon to work on the collection with my brother but it looks like he'll be coming down here instead which is good as I have all the materials and products here and even a little workshop.

  7. Nice phrase to sum them up "emporium for menswear". The green coat is beautiful. Great selection. Xxxx

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