13 Mar 2013

How To Wear...Checks

Wearing - Asos wool jacket, vtg army jacket, Levi's sweatshirt, Levi's Commuter 511, Clarks Desert Legend,
 Universal Works socks, Dents scarf
Wearing - Gap blazer, Albam Simple shirt, Levi's Commuter chinos, Clarks Desert Trek, Burlington Socks, M&S scarf

 Wearing - Albam Alpine Harrington, Carhartt check shirt, Lee jeans, New Balance 420, Uniqlo socks, Timex Weekender 

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Voucher Codes's Most Wanted magazine to take part in their latest consumer research challenge, "How To Wear...". Each participant was assigned one of this Spring's trends and was given the instruction to have a nosey around to highstreet to see what they could muster up. I was given Checks as my trend so I promptly headed into Manchester town centre to see what the highstreet had to offer. I knew I didn't just want to go for a load of check shirts so I searched for variants in the pattern. Along with items already in my wardrobe the 3 looks about is what I came up with. Three different looks with four different check.

The Dents scarf is a piece from last Christmas, picked up in TKMaxx, the second is a pair of Burlington Argyle Socks from Oi Polloi, which was worn with an old M&S check scarf and the third the Bangor Check Shirt picked up in the Carharrt store.

There's plenty of interesting checks out there on the highstreet, you just need to have a good search for them. Thanks to Voucher Codes for asking me to be apart of the challenge.


  1. The check scarf is great, can't beat TK Maxx!



  2. Checks are a fab trend, and you've just proven you can be as obvious or as subtle with it as you like. Love the idea of a hint of check on your socks! ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  3. i love your nb sneakers


  4. hombre_mediocre20:30

    Love the shirt! Did you buy that recently?

  5. Loving all the outfits, particularly loving those yellow socks with the blue nb trainers!

  6. really like the camo pairing in the first shot!

  7. Awesome combinations!!

  8. Tartan checks, camo and denim??

    It's like a mixed lolly bag you get given at a kid's birthday party.
    Lotsa fun!

  9. it's so refreshing to see a fashionable guy's blog, i love it! great photos too, you have a good photographic eye :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  10. What are those jeans in the new balance pick? They look super slick.

  11. Some nice colour schemes going on here. I like the trusty check, especially a proper tartan like your scarf

  12. As a fashion designer i feel i got the authority (?) to tell you that you did a great job! Love how you mixed some other patterns with checks.

  13. Wish I had your fashion!

  14. I love the tartan scarf, need to get one for myself has been pining over it for years!

  15. Very nice and well put together.
    Cool that you got to participate in something like that. How was the feedback from the magazine?

    I really like your Clarks desert legends! They have a great overall shape and the sole works very well with it. They look pretty comfy.
    Nice combo on the plaid scarf and army print. Both very bold pieces themselves but look really good together. The orange sweater really brings it all together.

    The New Balance look great as always, what I really like though is that you wore yellow socks. Both very bright colors but they compliment each other very nicely and don't stand out like a sore thumb.
    I decided I want to get some mustard 420's by NB with some maroon. They have them on their site even on sale but just can't commit to getting them.

    Out of curiosity why no full body pictures?

  16. mmm i love your tartan scarf!!

  17. I love your print/texture/colour clashing - it is perfect!


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