5 Dec 2012

Northern Goods Co.

Hollie and I have finally got our acts together and opened up shop on Etsy, as the Northern Goods Co. We've been toying with the idea of creating something handmade, practical and modern for a while now and after sourcing materials from both our shores and the US I'm extremely excited to show you our first product, the "Shorty" Paracord Key Fob.

The "Shorty" currently comes in 6 different colours and is made from US Military Grade Paracord, featuring a nickel split ring to attach all your everyday goings-on to it and a trigger snap clip for any extras you want on there too. Our aim is to create pieces from our small home workshop (where I  currently do all my blogging from) and spend extra time perfecting the finished product.  We've been working on a few other products to add to the collection in the near future, currently we're experimenting with Paracord Lanyards and more variations on the classic key fob. Hopefully we'll have them up very soon.

We've been open a couple of weeks now so please do think of us if you're stuck for small Christmas gifts and stocking fillers. The "Shorty" Key Fobs are handmade by Hollie and myself and we think £7.99 is a pretty top notch price for a handmade piece. We would both love to hear your feedback on them as this is the first time we've put a product out there, so at this stage any comments would be greatly appreciated.

As an introductory offer you can receive 10% off all orders with the code "BUCKETSANDSPADES10", so go forth and get fobbed up.

Follow our progress? We would love your support -
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  1. Awesome! Those are great!!

  2. you woudn't believe how much I like it.

  3. Well look at you two! Being all entrepreneurish and everything...good for you!

  4. Congrats! These look great, I absolutely love the bright colours you guys have used

  5. I really like these. Good luck on your new shop.

  6. You need to stop finding such awesome things dude.

  7. I sense the start of a global brand here. I LOVE the name of your shop and what a great start with with this strong but simple item. I will be buying a couple. Have the shop open now and will buy tomorrow. Brilliant, I wish you and Hollie great success with this. Xxxx

  8. Ditto what Dvora said: BRILLIANT name, and I'm going to be buying some, too. I love the whole branding of your blog, and soon as I hit click, I'm going to check out your store.

    It's uncanny that you happened to comment, Mat: was just about to get in touch! I'll email my reply - it's silly to reply on my own post, no one ever goes back to see a reply to a comment - and I also want to let you & Hollie know about something cool anyway:

    if you go to http://www.lookbible.com - it's like Pinterest, for fashion/trends - I thought Hollie would like it, but now for you both, it's a great way to spread ideas around, because it's got this simple app that everything you post is linked back to the source, even when it's re-posted.

    Anyway, wishing you both great success - I love the whole clean design of your site!! - and onto the next thing: I'm applying to the contest below.

  9. I'm really happy for you Mat and I wish you two the best with this. Like I said before, the brand has such a nice feel and the product looks superb. I hope you can get it to take off over there and eventually here in the states. Do you have any intention to take it to some shops?
    I'm going to be moving back to Texas this month so once I get a little bit of money saved up again I'll definitely purchase one. They look like a solid product. I'm glad to see you guys already have some sales on your shop and the comments on this post are really uplifting. Again, I wish you two luck!

  10. haha me neither, I woulnd't believe how much I like it I guess ;D

  11. These are really cool Mat, you must be so proud of your new shop! I'm putting together a stocking filler post for Exposed with Northern brands, so is it ok to use some of these images? I'll of course mention the discount too!

    Tell me more about Mannick(sp)? x

  12. Great step! You've got such good taste, and this product fits wonderfully. Will definitely put your shop on my shopping list.

  13. they look like the traditional hand art by Chinese people. do u knw Chinese do the same thing? i reckon we (Chinese) started doing this like 3000 years ago ...

    see if you could be inspired :D

    christian | my blog : www.christianyuen.blogspot.com

  14. Mat,
    Congrats to your and your wife! Its a fantastic thing to be able to open a business together.

    I love the styling of these and hope you will be adding more items. I can see this shop being a collection of cool and useful items!
    Best wishes to you,

  15. That is really awesome! Wishing you all the best with this new business. Will buy one of them next year when I am not too poor spending all my money on those Christmas presents!


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