30 Aug 2012

Weekend Posh Shop

Goods from the weekend, taken with Instagram

You know when you've been to the posh supermarket when you come back with things like this. I finally got my hands on some Einstok, haven't tried it yet but I'm very much looking forward to it. Copella Apple & Pear juice gets 10/10 but sadly I couldn't stomach the liquorice tea by Clipper, has anyone else tried it? To me it tasted like garden peas mushed up.

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Whoa this is actually my 600th post! I can hardly believe I've been writing this blog for so long, I would personally like to thank every person that has taken to time out to read, comment, email and follow in some way. I love sharing but it's the human interaction that really makes blogging worth while for me, I'm glad you guys like the stuff I like. Please bear with me with the makeover, I'm slowly getting there. Thank you for all your feedback up to now.


  1. those eggs look......cute.

    Congratulations on your 600th post! That's indeed...so long and so much and so...awesome! - and I like your layout more and more. It's so nice and clean!

  2. i always try to feel good with my supermarket purchases but i guess i'm going to the wrong supermarket. haha!!! that copella apple and pear looks tasty already.


  3. Yummy! I love a trip out to buy luxury food, sometimes it makes me more happy than buying clothes, especially at weekends!
    Congratulations on your 600th post, that's a great achievement!

  4. the eggs really are cute. quite posh, indeed! let me know what you think of the einstock. they say they'll have distributors in texas soon!

  5. Well done you - 600 posts eh!

    oooh I do love a posh shop!

  6. Love having a "posh shop" it's a rare happening, but always ends and tastes well :) x

  7. Oh man, yes, I LOVE liquorice but the tea made me gag. VILE.

  8. my, what pretty packaging. i love the laid with love, i'd buy that just to be able to see it when i wanted eggs. it's the little things in life...

    and i hope you have many many more posts!

  9. Anonymous19:33

    Yikes! 600 posts! Impressive stuff. Your posts are always a great read though, keep up the good stuff!

    I only ever seem to buy posh food if it's in the reduced section, but I do treat myself to the odd M&S luxury from time to time. Especially chocolates/biscuits/cakes... and all other sugar badness!

    Oh and mushy pea tea... sounds delightful!

  10. I had a posh shop the other day and came back with duck eggs! and what is it about copella that makes it so much better than other juices out there? I love the apple and pear flavour too. Liquorice tea sounds like something I would like, might try some (yeah, the fact that you've compared it to mushed up garden peas hasn't put me off! )

    Congrats on 600th post :)

  11. congratulation on your 600th post! cool pictures by the way :)

  12. Anonymous06:57

    congrats on #600! impressed, here. and, really, what's better than coming home and cooking, laden w goods from a posh supermarket?!


  13. Very fancy Mat! I've only tried the juice from this lot, but I agree- 10/10. You did well if you only came back with this, I always have a pile of things I will never use... the lure of good packaging!

    P.s. I don't know WHAT you were thinking with the liquorice tea!

  14. 600 posts!! That's fabulous!!

    I'm happy you liked my post today, thank you for commenting!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. it´s a great blog.

  16. Do you just buy the stuff for the packaging or you are going to the coolest supermarket ever?! hahahah Congrats on the 600th post!! My god.. thats a lot!

  17. Congrats on your 600th post!! I hope you stick around for at least 600 more.

    I like liquorice too!

  18. hehe love what you brought home from the supermarket ;))
    xx ;D

  19. Anonymous12:52

    600! Holy crapola, that's amazing. Well done, Mat!


  20. Yick, I don't like that liquorice tea either. Their English Breakfast is darn good. Their Everyday Tea is kinda wack (although a step up from PG Tips...which is a step up from Tetley). Their Green is worth going for if you want some bagged green (better than Twinings), but obviously not as good as a decent loose leaf from a tea shop. Their flavoured Greens are a bit harsh, but if you like flavoured tea I guess it's worthwhile.


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