4 Aug 2012

Olympic Spirit

Olympic Tapes A By Cody Hamilton

Hope you're all enjoying the Olympics as much as I am, it really in the sporting events to end all sporting events. I'm not the sportiest person going but it's really making me want to join a club and take up one of the many sports on show, so get me signed up.

Are you getting behind your country or just watching as a sports fan, which sports are you enjoying? Up to now for me it's cycling, volley ball, gymnastics and also I'm looking forward for the track and field to hot up.

Enjoy your weekend folks.


  1. that picture is pretty neat!

    I've been watching the olympics. mostly swimming & gymnastics, but I'm excited the track & field has started.

  2. Yeah I feel the same, I'm not that sporty but it definitely does make you enthusiastic about it!

    I'm also enjoying the gymnastics, plus basketball and tennis :)

  3. I feel ya! When I watch it makes me wanna go out and play tennis. The sports I was looking to see were gymnastics, track and field, and cycling as well, especially the velodrome racing. Volleyball hasn't been to shabby either. None the less the coverage over here in the states has been great. Except we have to stay up to 11pm-2am to watch it live. haha. Or something along those lines.

  4. i'm loving the swimming. i was a swimmer in high school so i watch and think i totally could have been there. yeah, totally.

  5. Cool, love the usage of masking tape.

    And glad to hear you're enjoying this year's Olympics so much.

  6. The tape photo is awesome. I love the Olympics...and always find myself with better posture after watching gymnastics. :D

  7. I love this picture and know exactly what you mean, I really wanna take up a sport as well, trying to organise an event for all my friends!

  8. I know it is funny isn't it, it is making want to go run and jump too. Great quirky shot. Xxxx


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