13 Mar 2012

A Nose Around in Urban Outfitters Manchester

A couple of weeks ago I had a nose around at my local Urban Outfitters in Manchester. Lots of shops are a bit funny about taking photos within opening hours but if your ask ahead you're more likely not going to get kicked out when you do try. You may remember a couple of months back that I was invited to an Urban Outfitters press day, they said I could come and have a look round whenever I wanted so I thought it was time I popped by to see what's on offer for Spring.

The Manchester store is massive, it's over 3 floors each with mezzanines and all sorts of little crannies. They don't skimp on the menswear section and they seem to be introducing more brands each season. So here's a few things that caught my eye whilst I was there;
As you expect Urban Outfitters heavily leans towards streetwear, which is clear to see when you come across these chaps above. Wearing a mixture of Penfield, Carharrt, Shore Leave and some vintage bits.
Last time I was there Levi's was the brand that all the focus was on, this season it's Carharrt. Definitely one of my favourites at the moment, it's all easy to wear, great quality and lends itself to loads of different looks. Tones of ace stuff, especially the grey marl sweaters, camo and the canvas chore jacket.
Nifty looking iPad bag by Unit Portables, reminded me of something a swank Japanese businessman would carry
UO's in-house brand Shore Leave has been doing some cracking things for the past year or 2. It carries on this season with plenty of striped oxfords, heavy overshirts, patterned knitwear & cardigans and more chambray shirts that you can snake a stick at
Thumbs up for this Shore Leave shirt 
 Spotted a lot of penny collars whilst I was there, it's nice to see them experimenting rather than sticking with the norm
 Blue, black and burgundy were something of a thing. I could see myself in this sort of thing quite easily, minus the hoodies. On a side note here it's the first time I've noticed this metal/wooden fixture, shame they're not for sale
One of the newest brands to the store is Madras by A.P.C. The range is inspired by India and its culture. This bow patterned shirt caught my eye, along with short sleeve check shirts and washed denim, which was all more affordable than their mainline collection.
Fred Perry for the modsters
I was really taken by the Levi's pale blue slubby shirt, the variable pocket sizes and button under collar were nice touches
 The place is huge, I thought I'd include this shot so you can see how much space they're packing. On the mens mezzanine you'll find Suit, Farah, Herschel bags and music & books. Other things of interest, Cheap Monday was seeming more appealing than usually with a sweet looking bright orange jumper and I also hear they're getting a range of Dickies stuff in which is very exciting for all the American clothing fans, like myself.

Just as I mentioned about Aubin & Wills last week, the UO staff were great, really nice to chat to without being forced, helpful and knowledge about the brands. Thinking about it, customer service seems to be really good in Manchester at the moment, is there something in the water?


  1. Great store, great clothes & great displays.

  2. jhheeeze, it's huge, really like the layout!

  3. Isn't it always an adventure to step foot into that store? there is almost way too much to look at! i find myself stuck in the funny coffee table book section and their cameras! x

  4. You can't beat UO (for window shopping!)

  5. Those two-tone denim shirts also get the thumbs up from me, Urban Outfitters always comes up trumps ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. I love Urban Outfitters.

  7. They have a great set up it looks like. The products are displayed so nicely I get a boutique feel from it, which is definitely rad. How come you were so lucky to get invited to the press day?

  8. Nice, I really like the camo, and the denim shirts! I love Urban Outfitters but there isn't one in the Netherlands:(

  9. I'm always impressed with UO's visual merchandising, and it doesn't half work. The Liverpool store's considerably smaller than the Manchester one, but it stil has an impact.

  10. Err, yes! I would like to wear almost all of this, please. I haven't historically had much luck with menswear that actually works on me but I think I just need to try harder. There is so much nice stuff and I want to steal it all!

    Also, your gf clearly has excellent taste because the tracksuit (I'm fairly sure now) is AWESOME. Yey for tracksuits. Who saw that coming?? x

  11. such a wonderful store :D

  12. Anonymous20:26

    I rarly get a chance to have a look round UO, but whenever I do I always think the layout is fantastic. Even down the way the manaquins are dressed is inspiring.

  13. Anonymous21:45

    Whenever I walk past Urban Outfitters in Manchester I always feel gravitated towards it because of it's impressive displays and general feeling of 'coolness' (probably down to all of the 'cool' people walking in and out). I've only ever been in once though, and that was only whilst playing sidekick to someone's else's mission of buying a satchel! I love their designs but I'm really put off by the prices - you have to admit a LOT of it is overpriced for the quality - and because I feel that store is geared towards a very particular model of shopper. It was good of them to let you look around though and I really like the pieces you've photographed. It is a lovely shop to wander around and I do love their neon sign outside (if they still have it?!)

  14. Love the carhartt and APC shirts.

    Yes @alexandratherese, UO is one of the more expensive brands on the high street but it's selling a quality collection of brands. The items you can get there are pretty unique outside London.

    My only issue with the company and what's stopped me buying more in the past in the number of times they've ripped off small designers work. In order to move forward I think they really need to prove they're putting back into their local community more. The new Carhartt E1 and Nike 1948 stores in Hackney are prime examples.

  15. Wow! Jolies vêtements, très classe ^^ Si seulement nous avions ce genre de magasin en France.

    Bonne journée à toi

  16. Mens shirts are so much nicer than womens shirts. I like the fit and the structure. Thumbs up from me too!

  17. Not really a UO shopper, but I always drop in when I pass because I love the way they lay out their stores. Plus their buyers seem to do a tremendously good job compared to those of other stores.

  18. Jumping on the bandwagon here; The displays are really inviting, nicely considered. I just find the clothes lack an urban 'punch'. Saying that, I love the raglan on the second image.

  19. Anonymous12:01

    does any1 know were i coukd find the levis shirt in the picture?


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