13 Feb 2011

Inspiration - Multi-Functional

Compact Living by Matroshka
2 Hanger by Studiomama
Wooden bench with storage by a group of Swedish students
Customised Camera unit by found of Design Sponge
Coffee table with bookshelf by David Pickett

So it's all about function and multi function at the moment, after featuring Studiomama last week I've been totally consumed by anything with a second function/multi storage. Again it all spans from my uni project, I'm looking at people who like design but live in shared/small accommodation, so anything that has a storage solution is on my hit list. 

Can anyone recommend any products that fit this bill? Hope everyone's having a nice chilled out weekend. 

By the way, Hollie has had a bit of a redesign on her blog. Check it out and see what you think.


  1. Where do you find these images?! The top two are amazing, sort of retro-futuristic. Sadly i'll never have little enough stuff to live like that.

    btw, i'm going to email some bloggers to see who fancies a drink or dinner on the tues of lfw - will you be around? I have to go to work during the day :(

  2. These are fantastic! I hope my future home is filled with things like this.

    The brand is La Garconne :)

  3. yes! I love this. As a minimalist, there's nothing I love more than something that serves more than one purpose.

  4. I used to have a coffee table & the top lifted up, so you could comfortably use it as a tray for eating dinner in the living area.. so the entire inside of the table was hollow & a huge storage space. I managed to fit all of my cd cases in there.

  5. woah, really cool!

  6. Mat, you always give me the best ideas for styling the house- I absolutely suck at interior design , but those pieces are amazing, the first one! it's so super practical and efficient ! :)

  7. i love it when things have more than one function! it's a real achievement in design.

  8. This pics are amazing! I want that living room and that last table! Actually, my dream house would be a small penthouse with multi functional furniture! xxx

  9. no way all those things in the 2nd photo fit in the small arrangement in the first. so cool!


  10. what a cool wooden bench to have out on the patio x

  11. I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I love the idea of an office/desk area up a few steps from the living room...it compartmentalizes it nicely!

  12. In my bedroom at uni I've stacked up all my fave magazines to create a make-shift coffee table. it's not furniture as such but it's multiple use - bedside table and an endless supply of reading material! Claire @ Jazzpad

  13. Ah, I love everything multifunctional - furniture, clothes, anything... Big fan of the 70s style, too.

  14. the first one is soooo smart I can't even handle it. haha

  15. doubt if I would ever implement that top one in use around my place, but it still knocks my socks off!

  16. great post! I love the multi function concept!

  17. I am obsessed with the Asher Isrelow
    desk, as well as the David Pickett
    coffee table. There is something about melding progressive design statments and utility/functionality that peaks my interest in furniture/fashion design. Great post!


  18. I just love those!!! So stylish, creative, and functional...what a great combo!

  19. Afraid I can't help with any recommendations. Just here to marvel at all these creations! Good luck with uni project though.

  20. Great Post:D I especially like the idea on the first 2 pictures:D

    Stop by some time:D


  21. This post makes me dislike my messy room..so much!.. but it also inspires me to change it's ways.

    Empty rooms aren't so empty! Perfectly paired palettes, and cleanliness lead the wayyyyyy

    love your blog

    my appreciativeness for you~
    love amy ^.^

  22. Anonymous13:30


    Check this. This is innovative.

    Stevie Style


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