11 Nov 2010

Remembrance Day

Poppies are for Remembrance Day. Image source unknown.

If you only do one thing today please take the time out to think about all the people that lost their lives.


  1. I agree. It's nice that you posted this.

  2. gorgeous photo. did you take this? i really appreciate the whole poppy appeal that Britain does for Remembrance Day. It really is a beautiful initiative and it is wonderful that so many people take part in it.


  3. I wear my poppy proudly for all those who have fallen x

  4. I did! Being German it seems double important.

  5. Here here. My great-great grandfather died at the Battle of the Somme and we always take time out on this day to remember.

  6. Beautiful. Thanks: you managed to make me burst into tears.

    Did you take the photo? Where is this? It's such a powerful photo, combined with those well chosen words.


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