23 May 2009

Recent purchases part 1

From left to right - Green marl crew neck tee by Topman, black acid wash tee by American Apparel, tie dye Matthew Williamson x H&M jumper, vintage wash denim shirt by Topman, stripy black and white scoop neck tee by H&M.

Next up bottoms and accessories.


  1. Oooh I like the MWxH&M jumper, the mens stuff is far nicer the women's unfortunately...

  2. yeah i think so too actually, theres some blue jeans with studs around the waistband, ive got my eye on them for payday.

  3. The tie dye jumper looks pretty amazing! And I really need to get a denim shirt.

  4. Love that sweater.. almost bought it myself, but settled for 2 t-shirts instead because I wasn't 100% it 'was me'. I was pleasantly surprised by that collection, I thought there were some really nice pieces.. had never bothered with H&M collabs before.

  5. i wasn't really sure the jumper was "me" either really, but I thought it was too mad to pass up. I wouldn't have bought it if the quality left lame but it's got a fair bit of cashmere in it so i thought it could be a winner.

    yeah denim shirts seems pretty versatile.

  6. Nice I have that same topman denim shit .. love it.


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