21 May 2009

My new favourite blogs

"It's not the clothes, it's the people that wear them"

Streetstyle Aesthetic - Wayne Tippetts Photography is one of the best street photography blogs I've seen in a long time. Everyone must check it out, it's so fresh and stylish compared to a lot of the dull and uniformed ones out there at the moment. Consider Streetstyle Aesthetic my new favourite.

Others on the blog roll right now:

The Unknown Hipster - Street style sketches in the finest form
Oh Happy Days - All things inspiring and amazing in day to day life (Thanks to Hollie for this one)
Backyard Bill - Features stylish folk in there own clothes, mini spontaneous photo shoots and interviews (Thanks Clare)
Fashion Bits and Bobs - By Pascal from Switzerland. About his classic take on modern fashion and day to day life, found this one through LookBook.

All images from Streetstyle Aesthetic,


  1. Wow, what a great streetstyle blogs! I've never heard about it before and I'm glad you mentioned it. And thanks for mentioning me too! Btw. I'm from Switzerland :D

  2. right, woops sorry, consider it changed

  3. Two thumbs up for Wayne Tippetts. Great photo quality and such a diverse range of subjects.


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