18 Mar 2009


Ever since Hollie got obsessed with safety pins and zips a few months back I have wanted to mess around with the idea of them on clothes and stuff. We took a trip to the local shops and bought like 5 tubs of safety pins! I've messed around with oversized ones on neckless' and on my denim jacket(along with my studs). I saw someone attaching them the collar of their shirt and I had to give it ago.

I pinned a few onto my trusty denim shirt and decided to wear it like that for work last Saturday. I think it looks pretty nifty, I only did it on one side of the collar as I was really pushed for time. I will be sure to do it both sides next time.

Showing off my double denim or "double d's" as the cool kidz are calling it.

At uni a new project where we have to design a sneaker, to be produced by a company in conjunction with a designer, artists, musician.....basically anyone we want. I've got a few ideas, nothing set in stone yet though. So all this talk about trainers made me want to wear the only proper trainers I own, my good old New Balance.


  1. I like double denim. I have many a denim item but they all look stupid on me... Safety pins are good!


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