15 Jan 2009

January's wants

Recently my lovely girlfriend Hollie, did a post on her blog Lipstickkk on how she's loving All Saints right now, so I thought I'd join in. Here's my top picks from their website:

Stuff goes pretty cheap in the sale so maybe I'll pick up something soon.

All images from www.allsaintsshop.co.uk


  1. i like the graphic tee.
    i always shop in the men's section at urban outfitters for men's shirts
    i like how they fit

  2. All saints have the most unique pieces of clothes, you can find pure grunge rockstar there. I love the pirate wraps. I should check out their sale asap.

  3. i actually bought some boots from there in the sale today, they're kinda brushed black colour with a big metal zip down the side and a round toe. my cool and grungy!

  4. Agreed Yoshi, those pirate wraps are great!

    My mum and I both tried them yesterday, they seem really versatile.

  5. Mat, I have to show you the boots I bought from bess. You'll love them, they're like the ones I featured in an outfit, the studded combat boots.

    Hollie, yeah they are wonderful. You can wrap this in so many ways and they're so warm an comfy. Me and my mom share them all the time. (She has the black one and I have the light grey). I love love them.

  6. You guys make me wish I lived in the UK. I looked at the All Saint's website, and their stuff is awesome, except it won't let me order anything.

  7. Dear Mat,
    I can only dream of All Saints sitting in front of my computer. Great blog. I too have started a blog and if you would have some extra time please do visit it.

    Joe G. - Prada Play

  8. why can't you order? im sure i remember it saying that they ship world wide?!?! thats a shame if it doesn't work, they're losing on your money!

  9. the second one is really cool, I love boys who wear such clothes!

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