27 Aug 2011

Terrace Fields

Terrace Rice Fields in Yunnan Province, China
Fields of Gold in the mountainous reaches of Boracay Island in Philippines 
Refections of clouds in the flooded Rice Fields of Yuanyang County, China
Clifside on Machu Picchu, Peru
Early morning mist over Guangix Province, China

Terrace Fields are nothing I claim to know about but I saw one featured on The Cool Hunter and decided to see if I could find any more images on them. They make for pretty incredible viewing, just imagine seeing an are like this in person though. I'm imagining myself to be totally blown and and most likely pretty speechless, but those are the thing we remember in life. Machu Picchu is one of the places I most like to visit in the world.

It's been a super busy week for me, my hours at work stepped up to full time as well as juggling my other job and working on another exciting project (watch this space). So I'm sorry if I've become a bit slow at replying to comments and stuff, I will get there. 

Thanks to everyone who has ever read my blog and enjoyed it, I'm really happy the way this blog has grown and I'm just glad I can share things I'm genuinely enthusiastic about. it's just a pleasure that you guys like it too. Two thumbs up for all of you.

All images from this here wicked website

22 Aug 2011

Cheers TattyBoots!

Well this is a first, the lovely Katie from TattyBoots recently did a post on some illustrations she did of  bloggers with "Jazzy Feet" and I was included. The image she chose to do was this one. I'm really chuffed that someone has taken the time out to do something which is linked to me so thanks Katie. Please do check out her blog, it's really interesting and creative, about how her style evolves and more snazzy illustrations like this.

In other news I'm off to Orlando in two weeks time, has anyone got any unusual recommendations of things to do/places to visit? Also if anyone has been to any vintage clothing/home stores please let me know.

18 Aug 2011

Ghost Signs

Advertising has certain come along way, it's all flashy, high tech, 4-D and in your face these days but I love it. I'm pretty obsessed with anything to do with marketing and ever since my trip to Glasgow a couple of months ago I have made a point of looking up wherever I go. I've started to notice lots of Art Deco architecture in my home town of Blackpool and a whole mish-mash of styles in Manchester. Another thing you come across every so often are Ghost Signs, old advertising that is no longer in use and faded dramatically. Commonly found on the side of building, these hand-painted signs were the height of cool up till the 1960s but as times moved on so did technology. You can find these pretty much anywhere, if you look for them.

It's sad to see them fade away, taking memories of defunct businesses with them but with all this super modern multimedia advertising it's only a matter of time before a company rebels. I'll bet someone does the opposite and brings it back. You know what they say, what goes around comes around.

Click the links below the images to see the original source.

14 Aug 2011

Looks Illustrated

I've been looking through  a ton of lookbooks for the next couple of seasons, to see what I'd like to get my hands on. Mostly it's the the mid-range sort of stuff I tend to lean towards, because it's more attainable than the catwalk stuff and superior in craftsmanship and detail to a lot of the high street stuff. So I decided to illustrate some of my fav looks instead of just sticking photos up, makes it a bit more interesting I reckon.

I'm pretty into the end results actually, super simple and striped down to just colour and shape. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these pieces filter into the shops over the next few months, roll on A/W!

11 Aug 2011

Inspiration - Carl Kleiner

Golden Ratio & Friends
Cafe M - Beirut

Finding stylist, photographer and all round creative bod Carl Kleiner couldn't have come at a better time. Yesterday I was wearing a waterproof jacket and hiking boots, I got soaked at approximately 2pm and still hadn't dried out when I eventually got back home in the early hours of this morning. I know British summers are notoriously sporadic and "average" but this takes the biscuit. A couple of good things that came out of it though were that it seemed to put a lot of the rioters off venturing outside and I also had ttime to browse for some inspiration.

If Kleiner's clever and playful work doesn't cheer you up on days like these I don't know what will. The projects featured here are "Golden Ratio & Friends", which was created simply by folding various types of paper. The second, "Cafe M - Beirut" is just what we all tried as kids, sticking fruit together to make faces! The Swedish photographer works closely with stylish Evelina Bratell. Together they produced the super popular Ikea cookbook Homemade is Best, which was all over the web a while back.

So, did it work? Have I cheered you up on this gloomy day? All images from his website.

6 Aug 2011

Weekend Detail #1

Outfit - H&M white t-shirt, vintage Levis jacket, Gap trousers, Clarks Desert boots, Uniqlo socks

A couple of details from my outfit this Saturday, nothing too fancy but the sort of stuff I feel really comfortable in. 3 1/2 years down the line and my Clarks boots are still looking tip top, though they are shocking in the rain, I wouldn't recommend it.

Hollie took the snaps.

3 Aug 2011

Link the Molecules

I've been coming across quite a few new blogs at the moment, mostly male orientated and mostly none-fashion based. I'd probably say they concentrate on stuff they're into, be it clothing, travel or film. Then I got to thinking why they seemed so appealing to me. I guess it's cos they're have a similar concept to mine, makes sense right?

The one that springs to mind is Stitched & Stitched, which is where I first saw this Wooden Molecule Building Set. I'm pretty sure the fella that runs the blog won't mind me "re-blogging" this great little set because we're both just sharing things we like. Our tastes just happen to be quite similar. This set would look pretty sweet on my desk, the fact that you create it yourself and just change it whenever you get bored makes it even more appealing.

Do you find you read blogs similar to your own or do you look for something totally different?

The set is available from Couverture and The Garbstore