30 Apr 2009

Whitegate Drive

The bottom of my street. Though now there's Tesco, Domions, KFC, Subway and tanning place in the way. It's spoiling my view.

29 Apr 2009

It's Blitz

Burberry have relocated their London Head Office to Horseferry House in Westminster. I normally wouldn't write about something like this but the interior is so super slick, I would love to go there and have a nosey around, I'd make sure I took my shoes off at the door though! Burberry (along with Paul Smith obviously) is one of those brands that I aspire to and would it turn love to work for.

In other news, I've purchased a couple more pairs of shoes.

Marc Jacobs Vans Slip-ons (hooray for TKmaxx thats all I can say)

Clarks Desert Boots

Oh and this is also my 100th post! Thank you to everyone that has ever took the time to have a browse and to anyone who has taken an interest in my blog. I know I don't really have that many readers but that doesn't matter. A special thanks to Steve and EJ at Style Salvage for taking an extra keen interest.

I'm currently looking for work experience for my third year at uni, so if anyone knows of any work placements anywhere in England in pretty much anything to do with fashion, get in touch.

27 Apr 2009

Messing around

Been messing around with the Buckets & Spades header, only did it quickly but I wanted it to represent the seaside element and something else which I'm interested in. Simples! Feedback is welcome, good or bad....

Current Playlist:

Spandau Ballet - Journey to Glory
David Bowie - Live at the BEEB
Friendly Fires - Friendly Fires
Beastie Boys - ill Communication/Hello Nasty

23 Apr 2009


My coffee will taste great out of this, bring on 8am!

22 Apr 2009


I totally love this shoot which currently features on fashion156. Keeping the location fairly simple but the styling is spot on. The multi-coloured suit is by London College of Fashion's MA Rohan Kale, it's just amazing. Check the website for an up close look because the detailing of it is just incredible. After seeing this shoot I'm craving a bright pink shirt, orange cardigan and acid wash jacket. Make sure you check out fashion156, it's an online mens and womenswear magazine featuring up-to-date products, trends, hair and beauty, street styling and much more.

Photo shoot features on fashion156.com
Photography by Dimitris Theocharis
Styling by Guy Hipwell

Oh and the Ben Sherman for Loake brogues that I featured in a post last week arrive but they are too big for me, if anyone is interested in buying them contact me. They are size 9/43.

21 Apr 2009

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

These tops sold out uber quick in the Topshop where I work, it's all for a great cause so why not make a groovy video. I'm liking the music too, anyone know who it's by?

20 Apr 2009

Look of the week

Yes those are studs on this chaps lapel and pretty awesome safety pin vibes too.

Image from Stockholm Street Style

The hi-top massive, seeing much looser trousers of late too which is good, especially with hi-tops but not in a gansta-y way, more of a Pierre Cardin space age way. Which are you favs? I'l take the Rick Owens ones.

Image from Jak & Jil

16 Apr 2009


Kylie. Yum. Elle May 09.

Latest eBay

I just won these amazingly brilliant "Ben Sherman by Loake" brogues on eBay. Got them for £26.50, I think they retail for around the £200 mark! Hurry up Mr. Postman.

15 Apr 2009

Some of my favs from......

Acid wash denim jacket under a wool long blazer, genius. To work for Paul Smith, my dream.

14 Apr 2009


For the "Real 80s Party". Leg warmers need not apply.

13 Apr 2009

Bank Holiday road trip

So Easter Bank Holiday has just passed and me and James decided to go for a (now what seems like annually) road trip to the countryside. Blackpool isn't really that big and a 15 minute drive from my house in the middle of nowhere really. The road a tretious and animals wonder across the road to add an extra element of danger, oh and there are big drops and no barriers! Its so nice though, just so peaceful.

This bit James needed to be extra carful, certain death if his eyes aren't on the road.
What's the opposite of big drops, big cliffs!
We had a bit of a rough time here trying to cross the little stream but it was impossible as James decided to wear Converse!

Sensible footwear is needed.
We decided to climb one of the many hills, it took about 15 mins to walk up and we had to stop. Clearly bigger than we thought.

I took this when we were pretty far up the hill, James has pretty bad eyes but I knew I could see a shape in the hills in the distance. IT LOOKS LIKE A FACE! But who does it look like?

I had to take a photo of this, it most likely belonged to a sheep, this is the type of stuff were finding up hills these days.

On a different note I went shopping today in Manchester. Heres what I got:

Bright red city shorts - H&M
Rashberry t-shirt - American Apparel
Blue batwing t-shirt - Topman
Grey/white/blue panel shirt - H&M

11 Apr 2009

Look of the week

This ladies coat is just amazing, the detail and material just look top dollar. The shoes are the perfect finish, you don't see ones like those every day.

Image from Garance Dore

10 Apr 2009


Dancing on an empty dance floor with your pals, shame about the OTT smoke machine.

9 Apr 2009

All hands on deck

Oh! Sebago x Colette, e180. As we all probably know, these are my kind of shoes. Only 4o pairs have been made to celebrate Sebago's 40th anniversary. I might actually have a go at this myself on an old pair of Kurt Geiger boat shoes. Only available at Colette

8 Apr 2009

The Independent

Do I have to travel to the next town to get decent magazines? Yes I do and it's so worth it.

Sensible footwear

Acne Barefoot Tassel Loafer, £205 available at ASOS. These are so far up my street that they're basically on my doorstep. It's a toughy but I'd go with the green ones. Which ones would you choose?

5 Apr 2009

Things I like but can't have

Raf Simons x Dr Martens 1461s - £165

Porte Monnaie Bow Tie Wallet - £69 (this price is do-able)

Raf Simons x Eastpak Backpack - £195 (out of the question)

Linda Farrow Projects x Damir Doma Wayfarers - £165 (ermmm could be done)

Martin Margiela Nail Bracelet - £129 ( I love it but it's only a nail)

All available at www.oki-ni.com

3 Apr 2009

Look of the week

"Givenchy Homme Fancy Pants", as Tweet describes them. These are what dreams are made with, you know the ones where you dream about leather pants that are attached to shoes and lace up all the way, we've all been there. Image from Jak & Jil of course.

Heres my look of the week, I think it's about time I started a new section. I found this uber cool lady on Garance Dore. Black lipstick gets a big thumbs up from me, really like he fit of the t-shirt too.