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16 Jan 2013

Orlando Photo Diary Part 1

From top to bottom - We've driven past Orange World so many times, I'm yet to stop there but it's got major kitsch value / Campbell's soup display in Target / The neighboring town of Celebration at night, such a nice place. They still had their Christmas decorations up which trumped ours / Popped by J.Crew, lots of ace things including The Shirt Bar / Huge range of J.R. Watkins products in Cracker Barrel, also where I found the Crayola tin and Bone Suckin' goodness / Nice to match your outfit shots to fire hydrants / I finally had my first legal drive and it was this beast 5 litre 7 seater beast!

Hey guys, we're just back from Orlando so I thought I'd get right to it and share some photos with you. If you have been following me on Twitter you may have seen we had to cut our holiday short by a substantial amount. There was a death is Hollie's immediate family and we had no choice but to fly back to the UK straight away. Some things are more important than holidays, hopefully we can carry on where we left off later in the year. Thank you to of you who've sent your wishes via Twitter, Facebook and email, taking time out to write a 100 character message really does mean the world at this time.

So for the time being I'll share a few images from our week in Orlando, we didn't get up to too much but it's just nice to be out there. I did have my first legal drive though, nice to get things off to a bang! I've not driven a car since passing my test about a year ago, I think I could get used to driving an automatic 5 litre 7 seater! As always was on the look out for interesting and fun packaging, I'm kicking myself for not buying more J.R. Watins products, I'll leave them for next time. Plenty more where this came from, I'll post Part 2 later on this week.

Hope everyone's been keeping well, what's been going on?
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